Fall 2013 Charms

Hello fellow Charmers!

New Fall Collection 2013 = New Charms! There is an array of charms Juicy Couture has released and I must say that I do like them.  I like the different animals, feminine accessories, and other fun items being released.

YJRU7092_710_main YJRU7029_710_main YJRU7090_710_main robe_13 leopardpurse_13 monkey_13 dino_13 castle_13


3 thoughts on “Fall 2013 Charms

  1. Krissy, JC is having 30% off from their online store!!! They have the Halloween charms on sale too!!! I’ve already gotten, the witch’s hat, black cat & a pie (though I don’t know if its part of the Halloween collection or not coz it’s not a pumpkin pie, I don’t know what it is) they also have a new rose charm….

  2. omgosh thank you for taking the time to post things. I just started collecting about a year ago but I’m so jealous of all the older ones you have they are SO cute! I have my own tumblr now that is just about juicy charms! Check it out if you have time! And keep posting!

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