About Juicy Charms

Juicy Charm Collectors, created in 2010, is dedicated to Juicy Couture and for all the Juicy Couture Charm lovers and collectors.  Juicy Charm Collectors was created for all the Juicy Couture Charm Collectors to look, learn, and share the love of Juicy Couture charms. It all started in 2004 when Juicy Couture issued its first charm, the Royal Crown with the Ruby Gem.  Since then, Juicy Couture issues tons of charms that are fun, stylish, frivolous, and for keepsake.

This site is here to educate about anything Juicy Couture Charm Related! A Juicy Charm Collector can seek to own every charm possible whether to collect retired charms, every single charm possible, a charm here and there, or charms with sentimental value. Whatever you may choose…enjoy the site!

The Gal Behind JCC…


I am a Juicy Couture Charm enthusiast since 2006. Every time new charms are issued, I get smiley, excited, and decide if that special charm will be a part of my collection.  I do not seek to own every charm made or every charm that will be issued.  The charms I purchase are ones I find unique, fun, well crafted, and a conversation starter.

The Addition Began…

While surfing on the Internet and browsing Facebook friends’ pictures, I saw a picture of wrist, a man’s actually, full of Juicy Couture Charms.  I was quickly intrigued. After conducting my research, I decided I wanted to purchase charms worth sentimental value from my life i.e. ballerina slippers, megaphone, music notes. Juicy Couture continued to release all types of charms and decided I wanted all I could afford. As soon as I got my first full-time job, my collection took off!
While becoming older in the years, I have changed how I wear my charm collection.  I used to wear charms on my bracelet all of the time. Now days, I collect as a sport and wear charms every now and then.  Because I have grown to cherish my collection, I just accepted that I just like them. Okay, I love my collection!

Fun Facts

Charm Count: 181
Favorite Theme: “High School Theme” Music Notes, Ballerina, Megaphone, and Ballet Slippers
Last Charm Purchased: Life Saver 2013
Saddest Charm Moment: Returning six charms due to lack of funds in 2008
How Many Charms I wear at a time: 1-2 charms.
Goal (updated 5/23/13): To learn how to repair damaged and old charms
Full List of My Collection: Click Here
My first charms:  
#1 Favorite Charm: 
Top 10 Charms:

Once you buy one, you have to collect them all.  Lavish your arm with Juicy Charms!


The design of Juicy Couture Charm Collectors is credited to the site, do not use anything on this site for your own except for your charm collection. We are NOT AFFILIATED with Juicy Couture, owned by Liz Claiborne, Inc.. All photographs on this site are credited to whoever took them. Please contact us before taking legal actions so that we can take the pictures down as we do not condone illegal activity.


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