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  1. I love your collection, I have been collecting since my senior year of high school, 2005. I wish I have documented my collection like you, it is great. This website is fun and a great information source!


    • Hi Tiffany,
      Thank you for the kind words. You started right when Juicy started issuing their charms. I wish I could see your collection!

  2. Im so happy yesterday I got 2 new charms on sale for $20 each at the Juciy store. I got the pot of gold and birds nest charm. The birds nest is my favorite charm now.

    • I know you said you got the climbing cat charm recently. You can get it now for 40% off the sale price. Plus they may have lots of other charms on sale at your Juicy Store.

  3. I’m wondering if anybody has seen the ballet slippers charm in silver? I’m looking at one on ebay and it’s in the newer style box….so is this a rerelease by Juicy of an older charm but in silver instead of gold? or is it not authentic?

    • I haven’t seen the ballet slippers charm in silver issued in the new box. I would have noticed it because it would be considered a new charm. You can send me the link on ebay and I can check it out for you.

  4. Hello! Just wanted to share the gossip – I heard from one of my other charm fanatic websites that 13 new charms should be coming out in about a week (most likely on A lot of them have to do with firsts, like homes, cars, and babies. No pictures yet, and I don’t know how accurate these “facts” are so we will have to just wait. I will scan my normal sites for pictures throughout the next week.

    • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited! I would buy them all just to have them for the future like a first baby, house, engagement, etc. I’m excited! Keep me posted and I will post immediately if I find the charms online too.. Big THANKS!

      • : )
        Update –
        New JC charms due on Tuesday night. They are also having a sale right now – if you use VOTE20 you get 20% off!
        PS – I went to my local outlet this weekend and bagged 17 charms I didn’t have. I spent a fortune, but it was worth it!!!!!

  5. It seems the lunch box is harder to find than I thought. I called Juicy corp. last night to find out when it may be up on their website to purchase. The rep. told me he couldn’t even look it up in the system because it was particularly special (perhaps because of the box? I hear it’s shaped like a lunch box as well though I haven’t seen a picture of this) and I may want to pick it up when I see it in a Nordstrom’s (the only store that physically has them so far, but not online). He said sometimes they never get a certain charm on the official website. Strange huh? So now, I’ll have to scan the web or call up Nordstrom’s in the states around me since, I have no Nordstrom’s in Wisconsin. I can’t believe doesn’t have all of their own charms for sale on the website. It’s craziness!

  6. Update – 1 online live chat, and 4 phone calls later, I found the last lunch box charm at a Nordstroms in Illinois. I have to say to anyone looking for it; you might want to start calling around Norstroms now, because not all of them sell charms and the ones that do might only have 1 or 2 lunch boxes in stock. I have to wait a few business days until it arrives……I can’t wait just to see the box itself. Good luck ladies!

    • Just received news that it is now available on . I’m surprised they didn’t release this charm on the Juicy Couture site. I’m glad you got your hands on the lunchbox charm!

  7. hi krissy, i sell a lot of Juicy Couture items on ebay that I purchase from the Juicy Couture Boutique & department stores to make sure they are authentic. Sometimes, I can get much better deals if the charm has a defect, ie: faded writings like “Love G&P” on the 2008 dog carrier, or open-close charms that don’t stay shut. What type of effect do you think minor defects have on these charms as far as value? thnx devra, Love your site!

    • Hi Devra,
      Thanks for coming to my site! I really think it depends on the charm and how old that charm is. Say I want to purchase a 2005 Rare Charm that’s pre-owned, I’m expecting to pay above $100 for it but not the price for charm in very good/new condition. For charms that aren’t that old, if it isn’t a charm I desperately want, I won’t purchase it. I was at the Nordstrom Rack and found a black quilted charm for $25. The latch on the purse didn’t close so i didn’t purchase it because 1) It was defective 2) I didn’t need to have it 3) If I can’t wear the charm because it’s defective then I figure why should I buy because most charms I purchase to wear.
      Some collectors may get a defective charm if it’s going for a good deal and lower than the full retail cost. Me personally, I wouldn’t buy one because I like getting new charms.
      LOL I actually defect my own charms due to me wearing them. But I did have them when it was brand new.
      Does this help? Please let me know!

    • I can say, as a collector, I shop Ebay all the time. If I find an older charm (or any charm) I’m interested in, I won’t buy it if it has any type of defect. If I’m dropping more than $75.00 on one single charm, I think it should be in excellent condition, but that’s just me.

  8. Hi all, i haven’t been able to wear the ones that are brand new in their original tagged box that I keep for my personal juicy charm collection. I can’t get myself to “defect” them, so I buy the same ones with minor defects to wear. Same with the bracelets. I have the starter bracelets in a variety of colors & styles still in their box. I buy gently used and-or tarnished to wear.

  9. Hey everyone just to let all of you know TJMAxx has charms on sale i just went to one and they had like 5 charms for like 30 to 20 dollars

  10. Hey Krissy, I think we need a thread on what everyone thinks is the worst charm Juicy’s put out. I think a strong contender would be that lucky horn that everyone on ebay incorrectly guesses is a rotting tooth. If people can’t tell what it is, I think that’s a pretty terrible charm. Please forgive me if that’s already been covered and I just haven’t seen it.

  11. Hi I am looking for a little help,(I am new at collecting )I just bought the Queen bee charm today but after reading your article I now question its authenticity. I got in on Ebay , it was listed as “Bumble bee charm”, and when I began to compare pictures the eyes on the bee I bought are pictured as clear rhinestone but in all other pictures I have since seen are black. Would there happen to be two versions? The box was not included, I was also able to back order one too. If it is a fake I will be pretty disappointed because I have also just received my Whale charm from the same seller, which is in very good condition except one concern.. . the boarder around the juicy lettering on the bottom jaw is flawed. It arrived in a pink pouch. It is a really nice charm great detail,not sloppy but now I just have doubts……
    the seller is spring5298
    I would really appreciate some feed back because I have become obsessed with building my collection but don’t want to buying crap.
    Also a question about the 2007 Swan prince does he come with a chain around his neck or not? Is the one you have pictured a fake ? or is the one with the chain fake?

    • Hi! So I checked out the Bumble Bee charm, the charm looks authentic from the pictures. The bumble bee charm is pictured in a silver charm box, and it isn’t a silver charm. The seller did say that if you want the charm in a box then you have to pay extra for it. That seller does have some fake charms too, all the sneakers she is selling are totally fake!
      As for the Whale Charm, I purchased that charm from the Juicy Couture store when it was released and my charm looks almost new and I’ve had it for 2 years, and I’ve worn it a good amount of times. The charm might be fake or previously worn. If you aren’t comfortable with it, check with the seller and ask for your money back.
      Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

  12. WOW I LOVE your charms! Your collection is amazing! I’m just starting out on my collecting with only two so far! I just wanted to ask, do you ever have any problems with any of your charms or bracelets tarnishing or changing color? Is there any way to prevent that? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Hi! Nice to meet you and welcome to the obsession of JC Charms. I have had problems with tarnishing of my bracelets and once with the Juicy Couture Crown Charm. I took a risk and dipped my Crown Charm in TarnX, and it came out sparkling clean. My bracelets on the other hand, I’ve gone through about 3 bracelets. Lately I dipped my bracelet in TarnX and the color came out dulled. Needless to say, I need a new bracelet. My mom suggest using a toothbrush and a little bit of toothpaste to clean jewelry, I haven’t tried it yet. Hope this helps!!
      Good Idea for me to do an article on taking care of your JC Jewelry. If you put on perfume before you put on your jewelry, it will really make your costume jewelry last longer.

  13. Hi Krissy,

    I’m a new collector and overseas 😦 I’m having a hard time buying charms online, currently I get my charms from eBay from sellers like fromrondei & Pattutoo, have you heard of them, I hope they’re selling the real deal. I was hoping if you knew of any website that ships internationally, i’m looking for The Box of Cupcake charm, Pumpkin Pie and Rootbeer float which I say at Bloomingdale’s website. I hope you can help me out πŸ™‚

    • Hey Tantty, nice to meet you! I’ve purchased authentic charms from Pattutoo and the listings from fromrondei look authentic so it’s safe to purchase from those sellers. As for a website that ships internationally, I don’t have a website that does. I will ask a fellow charm collector overseas and see what she says and let you know!

  14. Thanks Krissy! I’ve already started with ( they are helping me to check with Juicy if the Cupcake in the box is still available, crossing my finger ) & Revolve which I got from your website πŸ™‚ Your site is very helpful to me as I get to see authentic JC that you have collected and compare them to the one’s sell online, as well as you tip on how to spot a fake charm. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more updates from you, take care!

  15. Hi Krissy! I finally counted my charms and I have 106! Since I started collecting last December, I have been busy. My last acquisitions are the new pumpkin, box of cupcakes, new squirrel (I don’t have the old one) and raccoon charms which I got yesterday from Nordstrom. All adorable! Like you, I prefer to buy them from reputable stores where I can see them in person and buy from E-Bay those which I want and are no longer available in regular stores. I don’t wear my charms on my bracelet which I wear as is. What I did is to put together two of the necklaces to make a long one and place the charms there leaving enough space between each charm so they don’t touch each other. I can wear 10 charms at a time this way and the charms are protected. I don’t wear them om my bracelet because I am afraid I’ll bump into everything and harm my charms. Like you I like to wear them by themes. And I get compliments everywhere I go. I was reading the comments on cleaning them. Panama is very humid and my sister who lives there told me some of her charms were turning color so she cleaned them with the reverse side of a gold and /or silver polishing cloth (the side without the chemical) and they were as new again. I would like Juicy Couture to come up with new themes for charms, like a bicycle or a Pagoda, that would be charming, with color enamel on the slanted roofs! Or a collection of antique cars charms like the cars which appear in David Suchet’s Poirot (the Agatha Christie shows on PBS). I was not very impressed with the new charms coming up for Christmas. The drink looks too much like the root-bear float and this last one is actually much prettier. There is already a very similar snowman. And I was not impressed with the rest. I would like them to come out with a new Christmas tree with different color crystals for ornaments! But I do love the Halloween collection! I wanted them all and it was very difficult to leave the vampire rat behind in the hope I could get it later on sale. I am still heartbroken and think I might go tomorrow and buy him at full price anyway!

  16. Do you know where I can find the juicy grand piano charm? They had it on E-bay but, the bidding was out of control! Asking price was 65.00 and went for over 152.00. Crazy! Thanks, Judy

    • Hi! I can’t think of any place other than ebay. For charms not sold in stores anymore, ebay is pretty much the other place to shop for charms. Perhaps waiting and seeing if someone else will list the charm for cheaper.

  17. FYI Juicy Couture does NOT allow retailers to sell any of their products on ebay. There is a really good chance that they are fake.

    Patootoo and fromrondei are fakes from china

    Better to go to amazon, or buy from the juicy store.

    • I don’t know if that’s really the case as sales are just booming there and I don’t think so many people would be buying fakes if this was the case. What type of proof can you offer to the public that may substantiate this. I mean no offense to you personally, but I do buy on eBay and just don’t think this statement is true.

      Do others believe this to be true? Just really wondering as I do buy JC

      • I have purchased a fake from a well known vendor on eBay with great ratings. And I can just look at a charm and tell if it’s fake or not. I not saying that ebay doesn’t sell authentic charms. However, tons of sites on the internet sell fake merchandise of everything and buyers need to be more cautious of their purchases. I consider myself pretty knowledgable on Juicy Couture charms and just provide my advice, readers can take it or leave. No offense was taken πŸ˜€

    • Dear JuicyFan, I have bought charm from Pottutoo & fromRondei like over 30 charms each and it’s the real deal, I compared them to the one’s in JC store and I can’t tell them apart. They also have very high rating, they can fool some people but i’m sure not all, i’m sure if they were selling fake someone must know & complain. Maybe you can share with us which ebay seller you bought from that was selling fake charms, that way we can be extra cautious .

      • I’ve purchased from Pattutoo as well and I think the charm is real. Let me do some research on my buying history because I’ve purchased from them over a year ago.

  18. Do you know if the “Class of 2012” Charm is really a cap? When was it released? I called JC but they didn’t have any information. However I found that Neiman Marcus had it at some point. They said these don’t come out until 2012 around spring. Could that be for the 2013 class? I’m confused.

    • Hello!! This charm was released in 2009 along with 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Graduation caps. They were released in the same year. It has the tassle and year attached however I’m not sure if it has the head insert just like a real graduation cap. I haven’t seen a real the charm in person. Hope it helps!

  19. Hi! I was wondering if you have seen any of the Dreaming in Color necklaces in black or red? I have noticed on that there are Dreaming in Color bracelets in those colors but not you think they will be released later? I collect the Juicy Couture charm necklaces as well as the charms.

    • Hi! I haven’t seen the necklaces yet only the bracelets. I’m eyeing the red bracelet for a present to someone. I’ll keep my eye out!

  20. I don’t doubt you are VERY knowledgeable!!! Bravo!!! I guess you don’t really want to mention who you got this fake from? Just like a hint disguised so there’s no problem to you.

    And yes, I have received really BAD FAKES and of course had to cancel the charges to my eBay account as well as my credit card. Really bad though because the teacup came broken & the color of the popsicle was really way off so that was pretty obvious.

    But thank you for this site as I do use it often for reference and also to see the rarer charms I’ve never seen before. Enjoy the site immensely, so thanks so much!!!

  21. Hi Krissy!!!

    I now think the “London Taxi” might be real as I bought one from a pretty reputable seller on eBay and it has the same box type of Juicy Couture’s with the exact type of tag on the bottom of the box as others do. The product number is YJRU5019 and it says ‘C-English Taxi Charm.’ I really love the charm, too, as the color pink is a lighter but to me, a perfect shade and of course Scotty looks great in the cab part. What’s neat about this charm is that the side mirrors on both sides of the cab actually help you to open the roof up instead of having to “search” for the opening and/or ruin your nail polish using your thumb to do so!!!

    Just thought I’d share this bit of info as if JC is going to be continuing to come out with this type of charm, it’s gonna be great despite some of the other ones that recently came out that rely more heavily on crystals. There were a few that were pretty disappointing as others have stated.

    Love, love your great display by the way, of your collection of charms on the table!!! Excellent!!! Keep ’em coming, Krissy!!!

    Always – Denise

  22. Krissy,

    I have a JC 2008 limited edition bracelet with charms and was looking to sell it, could you tell me how much I should list it for? Can I send you a few pics? Thanks!!

  23. Hey Krissy,
    Do u know when JC holiday charms are released?..Are they released during the month of the holiday or at the end of the previous month?…For example: would the 2012 Valentines Day charm be released at the end of January or sometime during the month of Febuary?

  24. Hey Krissy, has two new charms for pre-order on their website..thier is a daydreamer charm & a red bicycle charm..I like the daydreamer charm..which on do u like?

  25. Hi Krissy,!!!!
    Guess what!!!???….more new 3 charms for pre-order on is a Just Hatched charm…a lemon slice charm..and..a Dragon fly charm…yay!!!

  26. Hi Krissy,!!!! Guess what!!!???….3 more new charms for pre-order on is a Just Hatched charm…a lemon slice charm..and..a Dragon fly charm…yay!!!

  27. Thank you..Im ordering it today off ebay..& you know how sketchy shopping on ebay can be..and I just wanted to make sure it was the real deal..I cant wait to recieve it!!!..Do you have any JC Charm sellers on ebay that you would recommend so I dont have to question authenticity?

  28. Yes, you can look me up at DeniseYama on eBay!!! I guarantee you will only get authentic Juicy Couture charms!!! I also know of other reputable eBay sellers as yes, unfortunately, there are a few scammers on eBay that just ruin it for the rest of us honest buyers and sellers. If you send me your e-mail, I can share some info on some of these ALLEGED eBay swindlers.

    The real reason I wrote was to tell Krissy about the new Fifi line being offered by Juicy Couture. Fifi herself is just ADORABLE and is available for sale on a pendant. There are also accessories with the new Fifi to keep her company like a shirt, cards and notebooks. She is absolutely so very cute although I’ll have to wait for a sale to buy any more JC stuff as I’m filled to the brim, I’m afraid!!!

    Keep up all the great work you do, Krissy!!! Sure do appreciate the updates you provided at the beginning of the year!!! You’re a real darling for keeping all of us out here informed and in-the-know!!! My best wishes to you in the new year!!!

    • Thank you for the wishes and I hope the same for you!
      I want the Fifi Scarf for some reason…and of course, I will wait until there is a sale. I will most likely purchase some charms from Nordstrom at regular retail price. I can’t wait!

  29. Hey Krissy..I just wanted to thank you for pyour help and sharing your knowledge of JC Charms…I have another charm I want to purchase..can you tell me if its authentic & if the ebay seller is some one you would buy from..I questionthe charm because the crown on the clasp looks a bit off (but it could just be the camera angle) and I question the price..its seems a little cheap..ive seen that charm sell for almost $300 on ebay..

    • Hey! I think it’s real. Neiman Marcus used to have their own Limited Edition Line and that charm is listed. I think I have the photo in the 2008 gallery. If not I will email you the photo I have. That charm is rare but it’s not a great rare charm, that’s why the price is reasonable. Rare charms like the Casino Line, the 2005 charms, the very detailed charms cost more because they look better. πŸ™‚

  30. & I know its not one of the greatest charms…i plan on using it as a bracelet filler when I theme together my charms on my bracelet since I dont have that for easter I have the bunny mask charm and the egg carton charm then i would add that crystal heart charm for added shine and sparkle:-)

  31. Those are just GREAT ideas and it really doesn’t matter if you feel that a charm may not be as popular as the others because it’s the joy of putting these bracelets together that’s important!!! I love the Gold Caramel Candy charm even though I don’t think it’s the most popular either, but when you see it in person, it is just GORGEOUS and very sparkly gold that I just don’t think people are able to appreciate ‘coz they haven’t seen it in person, that’s all!!! I have that Crystal Heart charm that’s clear as well and in person? It is GORGEOUS!!! So it really is to each his own because tomorrow? One charm will all of a sudden get really in demand for some reason and then there’s a mad dash to buy that once-unpopular charm, so you just NEVER KNOW!!!

    I’m just so glad to hear you’re having so much fun with your Juicy Couture charms as that’s in the true Juicy Couture spirit that I think G&P truly intended. Keep up the great updates on your collection – they’ve been great reading!!!

    And thanks to Krissy for having this website for all of us to enjoy!!! Check out her really delish Perfect Pralines line on the Internet, too!!! The best melt-in-your-mouth treats ever!!!

  32. Hi Krissy, I just purchased a starter bracelet and a princess carriage charm, but the charm is quite big for a bracelet.Since i’m still new, i love both of it, but here’s a silly question (maybe for you), what can we do with the charm? πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  33. Hi there!!! In helping Aby out, I would like to suggest that she get a Juicy Couture “Chain Charm Catcher Necklace” which is still available at instead of putting the Princess Carriage on her bracelet if she finds it too small for the charm. Not only will it be quite secure but it will also keep it in better condition as all charms can get light surface scratches or even worst on your hand as even grabbing a metal handrail for safety can damage the charm depending on how it hits the metal at the time. You can dress up the stand-alone charm by using some of the new mini-charms or some of the older ones like the Script Pearl charm or even a few others that are shorter and will not damage the Princess Carriage. I have a bigger hoop necklace from Juicy Couture that I use with other shorter charms for myself all the time. I usually have about three charms on because I like a bigger look on my necklaces so I add a few on the sides to the center focal charm. You can also purchase a bigger-linked charm bracelet like the great “Juicy” bracelet and just add the one charm to it. I’ve tried it and with the bigger links, the Princess Carriage looks just GREAT right to the side of the “Juicy” scripted letters. (I am assuming you have a smaller-link bracelet.) Anyway, I hope this helps. For now, the coupon code DIY20 is still good and will give you 20% off of the “Do-It-Yourself” items on That way you can also get a great sample of the NEW Juicy Couture tissue paper!!! It’s so FABULOUS!!! You can also go to eBay and find some JC Hoop Necklaces. I am at DeniseYama if you’re interested in new charms or other products as well!!! Good luck and let us all know how it all works out for you!!! You’ve got a GREAT charm already, one of the best to me!!!

  34. Hey Krissy, is having a sale on Juicy Couture shoes, watches, kids clothes and jewelry today!!.. At the moment they have 3 charms on sale for only $25 each!!

  35. Awesome site! It fuels my own newly developed addiction to JC charms. Krissy, I noticed that the red mushroom butterfly charm in the UK is in a pink n silver box and the ones sold in the US in the gold n brown. Any idea as to why?

    • I think you are talking about the pink and silver stripped boxes… right? From 2009 to the end of 2010, JC released their silver charms in a pink and silver box. That’s when they started making a lot of silver charms at once which were also sold here. Then they stopped making boxes per metal tone. Check out my page on Boxes: What’s inside the box?

  36. Thank you Krissy. I’m learning a lot here. Wonderful site. I hope with time that my collections grows. I’m excited about you working on a list of reputable ebay sellers. Have you had any experience bying charms on amazon listed by Studio Blank?

  37. SOS!
    I would like to get this cute kitty but am not suer which is real. Note that there is a darker color on the inside of kitty’s legs (almost like dark green paint?) and then another that does not have it. Thanks!

    Also, and I am sorry but am still learning- I got a bracelet and necklace gold tone. I’ve read some place that the color should be like 14k gold and mine look more like 18k or-24k. Everywhere I researched, the items look otherwise genuine and the sellers have the highst rating. I was wondering if some of the pics misrepresent the color and what I am holding is what it should look like. Thank you again! I love this site!

    • I def would not purchase this charm. The paint looks awful and as I compared to the stock photo from Juicy Couture, it’s not sold in the JC Box, and it looks worn and used. The quality doesn’t look good.

  38. I am also new to collecting and love this site. I just received a silver paint pallet charm as a gift and it is in a hot pink box. Are they putting some of them in hot pink boxes now. Unfortunately the price tag was ripped off so I can’t get a sku number.

  39. Krissy! Check out! They have four new charms!!! There is a balloon, parrot, watermelon, and sunscreen. They are… interesting? What do you think?

    • Yes, I posted about them. Oh….. I think they are okay. I do like the watermelon partially because they are in my sorority colors. The Parrot will probably look better in person. What do you think?

      • I am sorry I totally missed your post. I am a little sad that these newer charms are not at all like the older ones. Can we get a mint green scooter instead of another sun screen bottle? Hahahaha. Kudos to Diane for the BEAUTIFUL charm she sent you! Happy belated birthday, Krissy!

  40. Hi Krissy!!
    Im not sure how many people now about this website called its by Neiman Marcus. They currently have 12 charms on there website..they are always about 30% off retail and sometimes they run sales for additional discounts. Where I live we dont have a Juicy, Neimans, Macys, Nordies, or the last call so im not sure if last call items are defective or not.

  41. Hi Krissy! I need your expertise on this one, okay? Do you think the charm reflected here: is authentic? I asked the seller what year it came out and she said 2007, but I don’t see it on your list. It has a tag if you notice and says ‘NEW Bikini Charm’ and it certainly looks like an authentic tag, but I thought I’d better ask you!!! Let me know, thank you!!!

  42. Krissy, I have a question is there a green dog carrier from 2004 in the blue terry box and a green dog carrier from 2007 in a pink terry box. That look identical?

  43. Do you know if Juicy will be putting out graduation charms for 2012? My daughter is graduating and I would love to buy them for her, thanks for any info you can share.

    • Hi! I’m not too sure if JC will release graduation charms this year. They released a Graduation Cap Charm for 2012 in 2009 (they released several grad years in charms in 2009). They might, but considering they vastly scaled back on their production, it’s unlikely 😦

  44. Hi Krissy,
    There are 5 new charms on the JC website..a flower charm, suncreen bottle, a peacock, a ballon, and the watermelon!! Yay!

  45. Hi Krissy πŸ™‚ has some new summer charms up. A tropical fish, beach bag, flip flop, and surf board.

  46. Hey Krissy,
    I had a quick question…I plan on going to New York the end of May..their some charms on there website that i really like but I would rather see them in person before i buy, If I wait until the end of May to purchase some of the charms that is on the website now, do you think they would still have them in the JC retail stores 2 months later?

    • They will for sure have them in retail stores 2 months later. They carry the charms for a while and then they get bumped down to clearance. And with the several stores in NYC, you can shop around and see what store has what.

  47. Hi Krissy!!! Just wanted to ask you if you’ve ever seen this particular charm as it just ended on eBay auction for $248.00. It looked brand new but I never saw it any list before so just wanted to know what you thought of it. My mother used to serve Shrimp Cocktail for hors d’ ouevres but of course I don’t think I would have outbid the winner at that price. Just wanted to know what you thought of it as it would kinda be on the lines of the Caviar Charm, wouldn’t it? Let me know and I hope all well for you!!!

  48. I saw this on eBay and to me, it looks like a fake. I already asked eBay to look into it as it has the raised lines of waves UNLIKE the authentic charm, but then I thought I’d better ask you as you’re the expert. The charm has the regular JC tag on it and the name on the circling gold orbit on it, but it really looks like it has some rather rough workmanship on it to me. Let me know what you think!!! Thanks as always, Krissy!!! You are ABSOLUTELY THE GREATEST!!!

    • Hi Dee! Yes this on is a definite fake! Poor workmanship for sure. Here’s the charm it’s trying to copy..

      And of course! I am glad to help!

  49. Thank you for confirming that this is a FAKE because it is just SO WRONG for people to be selling these cheap knockoffs to anyone. I just hate these scammers & crooks!!! There’s no place for these types of people ANYWHERE!!!

    Thank you for looking into this. I will definitely be more definitive in reporting this to eBay again!!!

    • Hi
      The bracelet that you have is a regular bracelet, not a charm bracelet so the latches of the JC will not fit on this bracelet. JC does have smaller bracelets that fit charms instead of the regular charm bracelets. Check my bracelets and necklaces page, they should be on there.

  50. Is anyone having difficulty attaching the regular charms onto the regular charm bracelet? Some go in easier that others. Just curious! TX

  51. Oh, and another question- has anyone found a way to ensure that the pave stone charms don’t get loose/missing stones? That is quite annoying. Tx

    • It’s fake! Juicy never released a limited edition charm like that in 2010, plus those charms are not the same quality of Juicy. As in, they have charms like those out already.

  52. Thanks for the feedback, Krissy!!! At the price point, I was hoping that they were authentic, but I see your point now and thank you for saving me the time it would have taken for me to return these FAKES!!! I will report this seller and hopefully eBay will take her off, period. Talk to you again and thanks so much!!!

  53. Hi Krissy
    I saw the video of your collection and thought everything was beautiful, from the charms to the tower! I have 3 charms so far but I plan to slowly collect (depending on budget) over the coming years. We don’t have a Juicy Couture outlet here in Melbourne, Australia… I only bought mine from people who have been to the States. They sell very few charms in selected retail stores here and the designs are limited and quite expensive. From your collection, I really like the bride and groom just because it’s really unique. I also like the gold heart with chocolates inside (that’s what I’m planning to get next), I like the blue planet with the ring around it, the pink cinderella carriage, the ferris wheel…and heaps more!!!

  54. Oh, Krissy!!! Your new man looks SO FINE, lucky you!!! Very nice looking and he looks very sweet, too. I hope he showers you with all the Juicy Couture you could ever need or want!!! Congratulations on your new-found “hobby” and hope that it brings you all the joy and happiness you deserve!!! Keep us posted, Girlfriend!!!

  55. Hi Krissy, Quick question I was at the Nordstroms rack today and bought some charms but they came in a pink boxes with bow on top and 4 brass feet. What is the story with these boxes?. I have never seen them before Also Last call Neiman Marcus added some new charms for sale. Thanks for all your work and knowledge on this site.

    • This comment went to spam! But I already emailed you back! I’m sorry about that, I don’t really check my spam comments!

  56. KRISSY!!!!! Shopbellabeach has a ton of new charms listed! Please report back πŸ™‚ I want to hear what you think!

  57. Thank you Krissy re: kitty charm. One more thing- how do you tell a real elephant charm (the white one) from the fake one? To me, they look the same. Thanks again!

  58. I am trying to find the gold tone Anchor Charm For my daughter who is in the US Navy… Can you please help?

    • Hi! I have been looking for the anchor charm in gold for another fan. It’s been very hard to find. I will keep you posted but your best bet is eBay,, or ioffer.

    • The one I posted is real and the other site is fake. This one will be a LE Halloween Charm, the web is paved in crystals, very juicy! This charm will be out later πŸ˜‰

  59. Krissy,
    My girlfriend is obsessed with these Juicy Couture charms she thinks she’s a princess! lol I recently purchased these 2 charms for her bracelet on eBay because I couldn’t find them on the Juicy website. Is it possible you could check these out? On the cherries charm the clasp is apparently a little thinner than the other charms she has although it has the logo on the clasp and looks authentic to me. And I also purchased the Princess Carriage but I didn’t give it to her yet.



    I hope to hear back from you, didn’t realize there was so many fakes and now I’m just worried.

    • Both are real! Pictures are great for verification! Check out my “Shop for Charms” Page on the site. It lists many different avenues where you can shop for charms besides ebay. If you have questions about any other charms, just email me at for a quicker response πŸ˜‰ Such a good boyfriend!

  60. JUICYCOUTURE.COM has finally listed more 2012 charms for sale. Including the Dessert Tray, the London Cab, the Fox, the Teapot, the Vote Button and the Bitten Apple.

  61. Hi Krissy!!! In answering Astrida’s question, nickiscouture is the proper spelling of Nicki’s site and I personally think she is legitimate and a trusted seller. She’s the only one who had the Pink London Taxi charm that became my FAVORITE!!! She also provides some great deals as well!!! Always – deniseyama on eBay!!!

  62. Hi krissy can i have your email address so i can send you the link im just not seeing that this charm is real. i purchased other charms that are real but my concern is the link im going to send you TIA

  63. Hi Krissy!!! Can you look at these two different charms and let me know what you think. The first one looks like it’s more silver cross-hatching and I did think it was supposed to be more gold, but it’s listed as ‘new’ so even if it got wiped a little to polish it, shouldn’t it still be gold? So odd to me. The second one looks like it’s more “authentic” to me but I thought I’d better check out BOTH with you to be sure.

    The first one also opens straight across while the second one opens following the cross-hatch design on the pineapple.

    Were there ever possibly TWO versions issued? Let me know – thank you!!!

    Always – Dee

    • So I checked out your links and then looked up some other pictures of the pineapple charm, the second link looks legit. It looks like the first link is a legit charm too, expect it’s very hard to tell with those pictures. The latch does look silver, however I am not sure if they released this charm out twice. Best bet, just go with the second link.

  64. Okay, great, Krissy!!! I feel so much better to find out from you because I have never seen the first picture ever, so I will be bidding on the second type when it comes my way again. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN FOR YOUR ADVICE!!! It’s greatly appreciated!!!

    Always – Dee

  65. I have personally bought charms from “Miss Fox” and have been satisfied to varying degrees. However, like ALL sellers anywhere on earth, scrutiny and checking charms is a must anyway because SECONDS and FAKES are definitely around and sellers may themselves be totally unaware of what they’re selling as well. So just always check with accurate photos posted and/or ask Krissy to make sure you’re getting what you’re expecting to ensure that the charms are authentic and genuinely by Juicy Couture. Have fun shopping!!! deniseyama on eBay!!!


    • WOW!!! That is surely impressive! More than what I have!
      I’m glad my page has been great assistance to you and your collection! If there’s anything you would like to see on the site, just let me know. Again, thank you for telling me how my page has helped you πŸ™‚ Take care girl!

  67. Don’t worry catchcathy!!! Just contact the seller and get your bid withdrawn and tell her why you’re withdrawing it. Bids in general can be withdrawn normally by just contacting the seller. If they’re halfway decent, they’ll of course withdraw your bid for you because who in their right mind would want to force someone to buy something they don’t want. Not only that, there are other bidders that may want it, so it’s not that the seller is totally without interest. If the seller refuses to withdraw your bid, then just don’t pay it and contact eBay. AFTER the seller has taken off your bid, please DO THE RIGHT THING and REPORT THIS FAKE SELLER TO EBAY IMMEDIATELY after you resolve your personal issue with the bid.

    eBay’s policy is that if it’s within the last 24-hour period, you can withdraw your bid relatively easily. Some sellers don’t know how to withdraw an individual bid, so they sometimes just leave your bid in which is fine if they’ve already told you that they’ve ACCEPTED YOUR WITHDRAWAL. An option for a 2nd chance is defaulted for the seller on our selling list so it’s usually relatively EASY to offer the 2nd highest bidder a second chance to win the item.

    I generally have had no problems withdrawing a bid from a seller. There are some who seem to be desperate enough to force you to keep your bid in, but I never purchase anything I really don’t want and shouldn’t be FORCED TO EITHER!!! Some people claim that they’re filing a “bad bid” against you with eBay because that’s the only way they can recoup their interest and fees back from eBay. I think it’s just that some people given a little power for once in their lives, try to use and abuse it – LOL!!! After all, THIS IS AMERICA, PEOPLE!!! The JuicyCoutureLand of FREEDOM & LIBERTY FOR ALL!!! Amen to that!!!

    Always – deniseyama on eBay

  68. Im dying for the fifi juicy pendant anyone know where I can still find one? People are selling them for an absorbent cost on eBay. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this till now!!

  69. Hi Krissy and Denise, thank you so much for your support! I finally cancelled the bid and the seller understood my doubt regarding the authenticity of her charm. Next time, I’ll definitely ask to you guys first before purchasing any charm πŸ˜€

    Anyway, FromRondey is a trusted seller, isn’t it? I’ve purchased on of her/his charm. Looking forward to your answer. Thank youuu XD

    xoxo – Cathy

  70. I personally buy from Rondei and have been pretty satisfied with all their products I have received from them. However, if you are ever in doubt, please follow-up on any item you feel may be fake and feel free to question any seller anywhere about the authenticity of an item as sellers can make errors sometimes, too, including honest mistakes, so always make sure for yourself that you are getting the genuine product no matter what it is. Happy Shopping!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Always – DeniseYama on eBay

  71. just released some new Juicy charms: 1.) Daydreamer Bag, 2.) Dog, 3.) Headphones, 4.) Shopping Bag, 5.) Drink Shaker, and 6.) Peacock Feather. Check it out and let me know what you think. I think I will be skipping this round…

  72. Hey, I am a collector and have recently come across the 2007 gold gingerbread house for a great price. The seller told me that some of the early charms were put into publication with misprints, the gingerbread house being one of them. I looked on eBay and sure enough, one that is selling for over $300 is spelled Juicy Couturr. I don’t doubt that this is the truth, but can anyone who owns this charm confirm this for me? I can’t find anything on Google. Thank you!

  73. I would like to whine for 20 seconds because you gals are the only ones that will understand… my home was broken into about 2 weeks ago, and the buttholes stole my juicy couture charm case (the first one) and it was filled with my favorites and most rare. They took my HYDRANT, PINK DUCK, PINK MANNEQUIN, PINK JEWELRY TRUNK along with 50 others!!!! Some of my friends and family are like, you’ll get some $ back from insurance, but they do not understand that you just cannot find some of them anymore. I am grateful that no one was hurt, but this still sucks. Holler if you hear me though!

  74. Oh wow!!! You had the Hydrant & Pink Duckie? OH, THAT’S SO WRONG!!! I’m sure EVERYBODY here can feel your loss, for sure!!! Just make sure you put in the correct amount to collect as far as insurance goes. Oh wow! Hold on. I think you would have had to insure your charms separately like jewelry, so hopefully one of “your items lost” will cover your losses like a Ming Vase or something equivalent -LOL!!! I hope your charms weren’t in NEW condition. If they were, oh my gosh, that is truly a loss!!! Sorry to hear about your woes.

    Always – DeniseYama on eBay

  75. Thank you, Denise. Sometimes you just need to hear “that sucks!!!!” I really appreciate your post. πŸ™‚ I’m sure insurance will come through with something. I’m still going to collect, so you’ll see me on here soon!

  76. I’m sure all of us would agree that we’d love to see you back REAL SOON!!! How people can live with themselves to begin with by taking other people’s belongings is just something I will never be able to fathom. Glad to hear you’re recovering in more ways than one!!!

    Always – Denise

  77. I love your blog. I have question about preserving juicy couture charms. Do you know if rhodium plating (plating in the platinum family) would protect the jewelry? My engagement gets sent out for rhodium plating every six months and look like new when it comes back. I know that some silver jewelry have it too. Do you think that would work for brass jewelry as well?

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