Krissy’s Charm Collection

Current Charm Count: 181 (Updated 5/23/13)
Last Charm Purchased: 2013 Life Preserver

My beloved Juicy Couture Charm Collection.  These pictures show 75% of my charm collection. My holiday charms are tucked away along with charms I keep dear to my heart but do not wear anymore.  Shortly, I will add a list of all the charms I have in my collection.

I found these cute tea saucers at the thrift store.

I group my charms according to their theme. I have a lot of “romantic” and “water” themed charms, those stay consistent on the saucers.  I also rotate another saucer for seasonal charms.  This season I have “spring” charms featured.

Here is an example of theming charms. Pictured I have my “Genie/Arabian Nights” Theme: Genie Head, Lamp, and Camel.  I will post an article on themes I wear.

Right after I took the pictures above, I made my cupcake stand.  Cupcakes and cakes are a hobby of mine and my next project was to make a cupcake tower for my clients. What better way to showcase my charms?  From this site

Throughout the years

On average, I add 15 – 25 Charms to my collection each year. For how much that costs me, I chose to ignore that figure. I do however get most of my charms on sale/clearance.

2009 Collection (Mid-year 2009)

About 40 Charms

2010 Collection (Beginning of 2010)

About 65 Charms

Trip to Las Vegas. Wearing charms I no longer have: Mailbox and Love Letter.

Wearing my “football theme”. Football helmet, megaphone, and football.

UPDATED Collection!!

Yes, my collection has relocated to a new location, a cozier location.

On my one saucer, I have my favorite theme romantic.

I try to group themed charms together in one box.

My sweets theme and my toy theme. I adore the toy theme with the Jack in the Box, Yorkie in the Airplane, and Teddy Bear.

My charm box is swamped! I would have purchased another box but the quality changed so I opted out.

UPDATED Collection!!! 9/23/11

I did another Charm Count and I’m at 122! I added photos of my ENTIRE collection. Additionally, I rotated some charms in-and-out and updated my charm tower.

Collection is finally put back together.

Halloween Charms!! These are probably my favorite Holiday Charms.

Updated my themes in my charm boxes on my charm tower.

I changed out my tea saucer.  Since I love sweets, I added most of my yummy treats charms.


35 thoughts on “Krissy’s Charm Collection

  1. You’re not wrong about the charm box quality, I wish I had gotten one of the “Charmed I’m Sure” boxes but I didn’t collect back then. I have the updated box but I don’t clip the charms in anymore….way too hard to clip them in and even harder to take out 😦

  2. Hi,
    I need your help, have juicy couture got a silver bear with a gold crown? i need to know because i know theres AOT of those and there fake but im buyin some charms fro a website and i have seen tht silver bear and now im thinkin can i trust the website.

    p.s WOW you have alot u lucky girl! x

    • Hey Jessica! I buy 98% of my charms from Nordstrom and Juicy Couture so that limits my questioning on the authenticity. Plus I love the customer service I get at those stores so it makes my charm shopping experience fun. For charms I’ve purchased on eBay, I’ve done my research on what the charm should look like, the sellers info, look for markings…pretty much everything on my “How to Spot a Fake Charm” article. Hope this helps!

  3. I have one storage box full, plus a couple doubled up. I didnt know the new storage boxes had changed, glad i havent bought another yet.

    the silver bear with gold crown is fake Fake FAKE! Ive seen it, not even close to real

  4. I´m from Germany, and it´s not possibele, to buy them here, on vacation I was in Spain, and there I bought my first Juicy Charm, the Icecreamtruck! I love it. When I was home, i looked in an bought te cupcakeoven, the laptop and the UFO, and now I´m waiting for the little ones!!! They are all so awesome!!! …I search the breakfastkillet, do you know, how I can get it???

    • hi! Nice to meet you! Your best bet is only on ebay. The breakfast Skillet is a charm no longer sold in stores so Ebay is the only option. You can try as well. Good Luck!

  5. Krissy,

    Do you know anything about a cowboy hat charm?? Well I guess it would be cowgirl..some idiot threw out a very nice charm bracelet with the cherries charm, and a golden cowboy hat..I havent seen this one anywhere..any ideas? Im new to the whole charm thing, so I have no idea what it is.

    • Hey! The cowboy charm is a rare charm! does it have a tiara? The charm came out in 2005, worth over $100. Lucky you! If it matches the picture of the cowgirl charm on my 2006 & Earlier Charms gallery then you have a rare charm. What does the cherries charm look like?

  6. Hey, Krissy!!!

    I know your busy but can u pls. do a YouTube video of all your charm collections??? I would reallly love that!!! but It’s okay if you don’t too 🙂 I just love your charm collection!!!! This is the best blog evah!

    • Hi! I actually entertained the idea about a year ago…idk, then I forgot or something. Okay! I’ll do it! And thank you!!

      • OMG!!!!! Thank you!!! this made my day 🙂 seriously I’ve been depressed lately and u brought a smile to my face 🙂

      • 🙂 I am happy I did!
        Please don’t be depressed though, whatever it is, you can pull through and you will be a better person 🙂 Trust me, I know!

  7. Thank u so much! I would just like to know what happened to ur mailbox charm and love letter charm? Those 2 are a part of my must-have charms! N seriously, thank u so much for that encouragement! I really felt better 🙂

    • Sooo, senior year of college I thought I had an unlimited amount of credit and purchased all this stuff. Reason being, I was trying to fill a void because my fiancé (now ex) was overseas. Then I realized I didn’t have any real cash so I took back a lot of my charms. I was able to repurchase when I worked for AT&T but other charms were unavailable. 🙂

      • well, I think it taught you a good lesson :))) but I sooo love your collection! and thanks for doing the vid! THANNKSSSSS SOO MUCH!!!!!!

  8. You have sooo many charms!!!!!! I just started to collect them I am only 11 years old I now have four charms and I am already planning my next charm! I really want to get a limited edition one, I love all the holiday charms I really want to get the Halloween ghost charm but its really hard to get do you know where to get it??? 😦
    Well anyway i can’t wait for more charms to come out, I can’t wait till i get my first holiday charm, I want them all!!!!!!

  9. Hey everyone. I am an avid collector but in my early days, I bought a fake and I just discovered my error. I bought the Gold 2007 LE pearl snowman, one for me and one for my mum. I bought them from a seller in the UK off of eBay. I have been very careful to double check all of my charms but I put it away and somehow missed the fact that they are both missing the limited edition tags. I don’t see any way of getting my money back but I sent them a scathing email and have reported them. Before I launch a full blown witch hunt (lol) can anyone confirm my findings? Thanks for your support!

  10. hey
    i absolutley lovee your collection especially all the yorkie charms! i only have 6 charms so far but have inspired me to keep collecting :)!!

    • Thank you for stopping by!
      If I do sell charms, say I purchased more than one charm, I do sell them on eBay. My ebay name is Miss_diamonique. But it’s something I do spur of the moment, nothing consistent.

  11. Hi Krissy!
    I finally started on my Juicy Couture charm collection. I’ve always wanted to. Your collection is WOW! Love it!
    I live in Australia so it’ll be hard to get charms but which websites do you recommend buying charms from. I’m scared to be fooled to buy a fake one.


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