Krissy’s Favorite Themes

After collecting the Juicy Couture Charms (probably around a charm count of 30), I began to “theme” my charms instead of wearing random charms on my bracelet.  I have listed my favorite themes or themes I’m wearing this season. It’s easier for me to photograph on a counter versus on a bracelet.

Theme: Vacation! Suitable for the Summer Season

Theme: Sweets.  I’m a baker and love to eat sweets. I love this theme.

Theme: Romantic.  I’m a huge romantic at heart and adore “love” charms. I have about 14 love themed charms.

Theme: London. I had to get these charms when they were released.  London is the first international country I want to visit.

Theme: Luck.  I’m actually kind-of superstitious.  When I travel I wear certain jewelry. When I have a first date with a man I really like, I wear my wish-bone charm.  The Fairy Charm is probably one of my favorite charms of 2011.

Theme: Arabian Nights.  You know I love my Genie Head Charm! I had to get the entire collection. For personal reasons, I did not purchase the elephant charm to go with the theme.

Theme: Childhood.  Playing music was huge throughout my pre-adult years. I danced for 14 years and I was a cheerleader in high-school.

Theme: Sports.  Nothing cuter than pink sports charms!

Theme: Water. I’m an Aquarius but I think sub-counsiously, I love water charms.

Theme: Amusement Parks. I have always loved going to the amusement park in Denver. I did want to design roller coasters as a career aspiration, but after taking physics, I rethought that decision.

Theme: Romantic. More Romantic Charms.

Theme: Toys.  Just cute and fun!


4 thoughts on “Krissy’s Favorite Themes

  1. I have been looking on ebay every single day for the London charms. I want them soooo bad!! I have just re-done my living room in London decor and I love it! I have a big, red London phone booth in my living room 🙂 If you ever run across any for sale…please let me know! Thanks 🙂

  2. Ohhh!!!! Did I mention that I have a Juicy Couture kitchen?! Yep, sure do. Pink walls and everything Juicy….from Barbie Dolls, Gumball Machines, and a Viva La Juicy checkers board and everything in between! I’m truly addicted to Juicy Couture 🙂

  3. Hi Krissy, I just got a Bow & Arrow charm from ebay and when I compared the limited edition tag with that Love Dial charm (2010 LE), the limited edition tag of the Bow & Arrow is smaller. I was wondering if yours is the same way when comparing to your love dial charm. I am starting to doubt its authenticity…would you please help? I appreciate it!!

  4. you are freaking adorable i do the same thing with mine
    if romantic is your favorite i have a juicy couture 2006 red pave lips hot and heavy in love charm
    im about to put on my ebay store
    it would be so perfect in your collect
    let me know if you are intersted
    love your page!!

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