Happy St. Patrick’s Day Charmers!

Wear that bright green today! Including these charms for extra luck.

Juicy clover clover_08 Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Clover 2010  Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Pot of Gold 2011


Merry Christmas! I heart Christmas Charms!

Right after Thanksgiving, I dug out my Christmas Charms from my closet.  First I pulled out my Juicy Couture Charm Christmas Bracelet. All the perfect charms, in a smaller version, all attached to a bracelet. I purchased that in 2007.  Then I pulled out my individual holiday/Christmas Charms! Mostly purchased in 2009 and 2010.  How exciting to wear holiday charms throughout the month! Let’s take a look at the Juicy Couture Christmas Charms throughout the years…

2006 & 2007… *sigh* these charms represent my “foolish” years when I purchased all these charms and then I had this instant discovery I couldn’t afford any of them and had to sell them.  If only I can have them again….



At Last! 2006 and Earlier Charms Gallery Added

The 2006 and Earlier Charms Gallery has been added to the Collection.  All my pictures of the Juicy Couture Charms I have are now all up for everyone to look, learn, and adore.  I have a few charms from this gallery, the Zodiac-Aquarius, the Original Wedding Cake, Hairdryer, and my favorite The Juicy Couture Crown.  Charms listed in this gallery are “Rare & Retired.” A JC Collectors dream is for these charms to be released again….let’s hope the Juicy Gods grants our wishes!

Viva La Juicy!