Happy St. Patrick’s Day Charmers!

Wear that bright green today! Including these charms for extra luck.

Juicy clover clover_08 Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Clover 2010  Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Pot of Gold 2011


Spring is Here = Bring out the Spring Charms

Even in Colorado, I can confidently say spring is here.  We had perfect weather all through March.  Spring is the most popular season for Juicy Couture. With Spring charms you can stretch into the summer and not feel like a walking fashion faux pas.   My favorites? The Ladybug, the new pink flower, and the grasshopper.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Oh Valentine’s Day…..the designated day where you tell your loved ones how much you love them 🙂 Juicy Couture has always been thoughtful for releasing great charms for V-Day.  My favorite of course is the Limited Edition 2011 Box of Chocolates Charm.  My present to share for Valentine’s Day, I will buy my 2 year old Nephew the Elmo ABC iPad App.

What’s yours favorite Valentine’s Day Charm? Have any special plans? (Don’t make me too jealous ;-)) 

      Bow and Arrow Juicy Couture Charm 2011 Limited Edition  Kissing Booth Ticket Juicy Couture Charm 2011      Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Box of Chocolates 2009

Treat yourself to your favorite indulging treat! I made these for a client.

This text had me beaming up until V-Day..

I couldn’t fit all of my romantic charms in the picture.  Happy Valentine’s Day and wear your favorite Valentine’s Day Charm!

I think I will wear my Romantica Bracelet released in 2008 today!

Charms on Clearance

While doing my daily charm search, I’ve noticed Saks Fifth Avenue is doing away with Juicy Couture Charms.  They have a few charms left at a fairly good price, the Big Pink Cupcake, Ballerina, and Ice Cream Cone.  Best time to shop is when a charm is on clearance! I’m waiting for the Zoo animals and travel charms to go on sale.

Any charms you are waiting to drop in price so you can buy?

Back to School!

My running route is by a high school and I thought, “School’s in already? August just started!” All the kidos were “dragging” in with their school uniforms.  Well, a new school year always made me feel like a brand new start!  I would totally wear my “High School Activities” Theme if there were charms back in the day. I had to include one of my Top 10 Fav Charms, the Autumn Leaf. What another time to wear a “Back to School” Theme:

Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition School Bus 2010  Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Locker 2010 Pave Apple Juicy Couture Charm 2011    Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Leaf 2010