Spring 2013 Charms

More charms to come.  We have the Blue Seahorse, Food Truck, Palm Tree, and Flower with a Lady Bug. These are available now online.

Charms coming soon: Suitcase and Mojito

Happy Charming Everyone!


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The Charm Collection Lives!

I am back in the US! Properly functioning in the Mountain Time Zone. So where did I go??

Yes ladies! I went to Hawaii! In the country but out of the country 😉 I like saying out of the country.  My boyfriend had to work out there for a week so I got to come along! At first it was going to be a work-cation for me as well, but after the boyfriend told me I should just chill out, I dropped all my projects, goals, and pretty much relaxed out in Honolulu and Kona.  It takes 14 hours round trip from Denver to fly to Hawaii, best believe if you go, plan to stay a good while.  We ate tons of asian food, YogurtLand pretty much everyday, snorkeled, and drank several yummy adult beverages.

Now let’s talk charms 🙂

I did visit the Juicy Couture in the mall in Honolulu.  Hmm…thoughts… 🙂 Big store! Two spacious floors and practically the entire store was marked down on sale.  The girls were not that friendly.  I’ve been to quite a bit of stores across the country and the ladies here barely greeted here nor wanted to help me. After being in retail for several years and an avid shopper, HUGE pet-peeve. I pretty much do not buy from a store with poor customer service.

Couple days later, I went to my first outlet Juicy Couture store. FABULOUS!!! How come Denver doesn’t have an outlet, these are a must where ever there is a full service JC Store.  Great deals and ladies were very, very friendly and the store was busy!  I got a blue tracksuit, an overpriced beach tote, a cute bustier satin top, plus some jewelry!

See why my Juicy Couture Charm collection lives! Trust me ladies, I haven’t purchased a new charm in MONTHS!!! Truly! Check them out! Older charms but great additions!

I finally got this charm bracelet, eyeing it for months! It’s perfect because the little dainty charms are already added PLUS I added the charms my boyfriend gave me (bow and cross). I’ve mentioned this before but I love the bracelets with charms already added 🙂

It’s great to be back in good ol’ Denver!

Couple more Items:

*New Charms on Shopbellabeach.com. Thoughts about the charms coming shortly…*

*FINALLY!!!! I am working on the new site! After pondering for months about how or who I should hire to redo this site, I decided to do it myself. It may take a while but it will be very well worth the time and wait.*

Have a great week everyone!

Palm Beach Poolside Bracelet

I am sure most of you know about the new Palm Beach Poolside Bracelet.  This charm is silver tone, neon color accents, and has the charms attached to the charm.  I luckily saw this charm when I was at the Juicy Couture Store as the managers were pulling new merchandise out for the sales floor.  My thoughts? This is definitely a fun bracelet for the summer time.  Neon is “in” right now and this would be a great addition to your summer clothes collection.  I love that it has the charms attached.  However, there are tons of charms on this bracelet which makes the bracelet busy and heavy.  If I had this bracelet, would I wear it everyday? No, I wouldn’t. This would be an add to my collection when the bracelet goes on sale, after I have nothing else to purchase.  It’s a great bracelet for when you want to “funk” up your outfit.  What do you all think?

Krissy has a Brand New Bag!!

Behold. The Hot Pink Juicy Couture Shopping Bag. Which means, I’ve been shopping! As soon as Juicy Couture had their 30% off Full Priced Jewelry Sale, I knew it was time to purchase some charms.  I haven’t been to the Juicy Couture Store since before Christmas.  It’s not a good idea to place me in stores where I am tempted to buy frivolous merchandise.  So I do my best to avoid. But then when I do, I overspend, well, anyways. It felt like old times. I come in, the assistant managers say my name and rush to give me a hug, talk about what’s new, then they urge me to shop around.  I literally walked the semi-small store for while admiring the clothes and thought, “I like being around nice things. :-D” Big surprise!  Everything Juicy Couture sells looks better in person.  I don’t know what’s going on on their website.  The clothes are much cuter. And the handbags look different than pictured.  You can actually see how big their sunglasses fit.

I checked out the mini-charms. Not so bad after all! I get the concept, make your own charm. Yea I get it. But, I wouldn’t mind it so much if they still released the regular sized charms more often.

Look what I have!!

I purchased the Daydreamer Purse, the Bike, the Tennis Ball, and a new Flower. Check it out!

(I should watermark these photos but oh well) The Hawaiian Flower is so cute! It’s a great add to your Spring Charms.  I am very pleased with my purchases. I also got a tri-bangle bracelet.

Look there’s more!! Okay, not yet. Coming Soon, I will add what else I got today in the mail.  You all will love what else I added to my collection. The Charm Fairies are sending their blessings to me! Okay that was corny!

Happy Charm Shopping!

Hmmm…. Phasing Out Eh??

There’s been talk on the site of Juicy Couture Phasing out their big charms and possibly replacing them with the mini charms.  I had thought about that because usually, most of the Valentine’s Day Charms would be out now. Right now, there’s only 1 V-Day Charm.

I started this blog almost a year ago, 7 days shy!, and I had 9 charms to report on. Now Juicy Couture has 5 charms in 2012 so far.  This leaves me wondering too, are they phasing out the big charms?? I will currently be in a state of denial until March comes around.  How can they stop make a product that’s been apart of Juicy for more than 10 years? Or how about they re-release the charms from years ago? Or smart producing very detailed pretty charms instead of half-a**ing the job?

I know it all comes down to the mighty dollar but….NO!!!!!!!!!!!


New Mini Charms

I’ve taken a while to decide if I like these new Mini Charms issued earlier this month.  The concept makes sense. They are smaller and you can wear several charms on one bracelet without feeling like your arm is pulling weight.  Overall, I will definitely have to pass on all of these charms for these reasons.

First: there’s nothing special about them.  When I look at them, I think, “Oh..” and then I think of something else.

Second:  There’s nothing special about them for me to buy another bracelet and more smaller charms.  I already have a Juicy charm bracelet, I don’t need to buy another one to put a whole new set of new charms.

Third: What if Juicy Couture stops making the mini charms? Welp, oh well, I won’t be able to add to my mini collection anymore.

Fourth:  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Juicy Couture is known for their cute, sometimes big, detailed charms.  The joy of walking into the store to look in the glass case is a moment to remember.  I look at these and I breeze on by to the clearance section.

Bottom line, I will pass.

What are your thoughts? Anyone looking forward to building their mini-charm collection?