Upcoming Charms

Hello everyone! I’ve been browsing the web and found some new charms that are coming soon to Juicy Couture.  There’s also a Cookie Jar Charm coming soon.  I love the variety in charms being released in 2013 and for 2014.  I love the recreation in older charms made new and brand new charms.  Good choice Juicy!

fifiyee__3069_ fifiyee__3073_ fifiyee__3075_


Spring 2013 Charms

More charms to come.  We have the Blue Seahorse, Food Truck, Palm Tree, and Flower with a Lady Bug. These are available now online.

Charms coming soon: Suitcase and Mojito

Happy Charming Everyone!


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Well Hello!!!!

Happy Holidays Charm Collectors!!

I have been away for a lil’ while. My life has completely been flipped upside and turned inside out. Let’s see, I am now gainfully employed by the most profitable company in the world, I still maintain my baking business, still have the love of my life, AND two exciting things I can’t wait to get into detail about soon…..

1) My Charm Collection Dramatically Grew!

Truth be told, I do not know the exact number of new charms I have purchased. It’s this state of denial where I really cannot place a number on how much I actually spent! Let’s just say, I have 20 new charms added.

I will post a video on my new charms!

2) I Moved!  

Check out my new charm display! This display does not show all of my charms. I will post an updated video of my new collection showcase. This display may be temporary, I haven’t decided yet.


New Charms! Again :-)

Lots of new stuff going on! Check out these new charms posted on the web. Many of you have seen some of these charms on eBay but now they are posted on ShopBellaBeach and soon Juicycouture.com. Lots of “pave” going on here…we have the black and pave handbag, eggnog carton, penguin, diamond, Rabbit, green champagne bottle, and 2013 glasses for NYE.  Eggnog anyone? Very glitzy charms to sparkle up your collection for the end of the year.



Some Charmer’s really like the new cute Penguin, and the green champagne bottle is good to pick up if you missed last year’s pink bottle.


Happy Things Coming!

Happy Friday over here!!

Just a couple of Juicy Things…

1) Practically all of the Juicy Couture Charms are on sale now! 25% – 30% off except the 3 new charms just released. How great is that?

2) The Juicy Couture Charm Collector’s Forum is ready! I see a lot of convos going on this site, it’s much easier to keep track of things in a forum setting.  Here you go! Juicy Couture Charm Collector’s Forum.

3) I can’t wait to show pictures of where I’m going next week! Side note, I did go to Vegas about 3-4 weeks ago, I didn’t post the pictures I took.  Some of you know I just came from Vegas less than a year ago. So this is a new location and I will check out Juicy Couture there!

4) OBSERVATIONS!! Shopping around Denver, there are tons of charms being re-released in the new boxes. For instance: Mouse & Cheese, Toaster, Shield, Mint Tin, and Trophy. You can now get charms you missed out on say from 2 years ago now. So I get a lot of questions whether a charm is real because it’s in the newer box. Answer: it is! Juicy just re-released them.

5) School time is in the air! As I run outside, I see the kids walking to school…the same high school I actually went to. Is it me or are kids younger than usual and dress from 3-6 decades ago? I saw a girl with a Hairspray Ricki Lake hairdo this morning. Anywho, here are some great back to school charms!

  Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Locker 2010  

6) New Charms Spotted, will post shortly.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

What’s New Juicy Girl?

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the Juicy World since my last post shall we?

A)  Juicy Couture has their Fall 2012 Collection out!  New clothes, new purses, fun jewelry, and of course the charms we have been following for the past couple of weeks.  Being a Juicy Couture clothes adorer and wearer, I love the styles, the colors, and cut of the clothes.  Trust me, go into a Juicy Couture store if you can to see the collection, for some reason the clothes don’t photograph well online.

We now can purchase all the new charms on Juicy Couture’s site, for instance the cat, the green tea, the rain boot, and the Cardinal.

B)  I received this hint about a week ago from a fellow Charmer about new charms spotted on eBay, a Rabbit and a French Bulldog.

 Tell me Charmers What are your thoughts on these upcoming charms?

C) Great sales are happening online now!  Check out www.bloomingdales.com and www.lastcall.com.

D)  That’s it for now!

New Charm, London Cab


Remember the Pink London Cab Charm from last year? Is it fake? Is it real? Well this charm was released overseas and never made it to the US.  Well, it’s all good! We have our own charm!










Just released on Nordstrom.com, my ultimate shopping store, is the London Cab in Blue. As a silver charm, this goes PERFECT with the other London Charms Juicy Couture released two years ago.











Check these out, I have them all!






I will definitely get this charm, it makes perfect sense to have a 5 charms in the London Theme.

I Spy Again!

Check this charm out! Reader Shaira pointed this out to me and I love it! I adore the Juicy Couture Skull Head Halloween Limited Edition Charm from about 2 years ago and this one is just as cute! Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos, Charm is so cute! This is what Juicy is known for, making charms unique and fun!