Merry Christmas!

Let’s celebrate yet another time of the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by wearing your favorite Juicy Couture Christmas Charms!

Most of you have noticed Juicy Couture did not release many Christmas Charms this year… sad day. Christmas Charms are festive, fun, and need to be worn everyday during December.


eggnog_12LE I received the Eggnog Charm about a week ago. Cute charm! Ingredients of the Juicy Couture Eggnog = 100% Attitude!

Christmas Holiday Charms Throughout the Year

Here are a few of my favorite holiday charms Juicy has released throughout the years.

snowboard_11LE  rootbeerfloat_11LE     xmassnowboard_07LE xmassleigh_10LE xmassnowman_08LE     xmassanta_08LE xmaspavebow_10LE xmasordament_08LE xmasbulb_07LE xmasgingerhouse_07LE  xmasbear_10LE xmascandycane_07LE xmasfireplace_10LE


Last but not least….

Stock up on charms ASAP!! now has 50% off Sale Charms!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 6.26.16 PM

OMG! I stocked up on silk shirts, pants, jeans, hats, galore!! I absolutely love sales with additional sales off! That’s how you spend 😉


Merry Christmas Everyone!! 


Coming Soon

You all have seen the new charms posted on shopbellabeach and perhaps eBay too, here’s a rundown of what’s to come! We have the French Bulldog, Shopping Tote, Headphones, Cocktail Shaker, Pave Daydreamer, Peacock Feather, and a Penguin.

I like the Shopping Tote and the Headphones! The pictures we are seeing are “preproduction” photos, so there may be changes after that photo has been posted. I think the Shopping Tote and headphones will be cuter after production and/or in person. Other than that….that’s it! I really want to see what holiday charms come out and possibly a NYE Charm.  Can’t wait to see these new charms in person..I think the pictures we see below do not give the charms any justice.

I’ve heard from some Charmers about the new charms, what do you think about them? Any charm jumps out that you have to have?

A Charmer told me about new charms posted on Bloomindales!

Check them out y’all! has the same charms online too.

We finally have the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), Spider Web for Halloween, and a Corgi Dog Charm.  My favorite would be the Dia de los Muertos charm.  I love skull heads, shockingly because I am pretty girly, and when juicy add rhinestones and glamour to them, skulls are cute!

I have similar charms that look like the other two so I am set with one charm from this collection.

Do you think these charms live up to the Juicy Style?

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Oh Valentine’s Day…..the designated day where you tell your loved ones how much you love them 🙂 Juicy Couture has always been thoughtful for releasing great charms for V-Day.  My favorite of course is the Limited Edition 2011 Box of Chocolates Charm.  My present to share for Valentine’s Day, I will buy my 2 year old Nephew the Elmo ABC iPad App.

What’s yours favorite Valentine’s Day Charm? Have any special plans? (Don’t make me too jealous ;-)) 

      Bow and Arrow Juicy Couture Charm 2011 Limited Edition  Kissing Booth Ticket Juicy Couture Charm 2011      Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Box of Chocolates 2009

Treat yourself to your favorite indulging treat! I made these for a client.

This text had me beaming up until V-Day..

I couldn’t fit all of my romantic charms in the picture.  Happy Valentine’s Day and wear your favorite Valentine’s Day Charm!

I think I will wear my Romantica Bracelet released in 2008 today!

New Charms! released the new Juicy Couture Charms coming soon! We have the Tennis Charm and a new Box of Candy.  Now, I did say I didn’t like that JC is releasing charms from the past. BUT I’ve really wanted the Tennis Charm (not like I play or anything).  I have a sports charm theme I would like to grow and this would be perfect to add to the collection.  As for the Box of Candy, I think I would have to see this charm in person.  I’m a huge fan of the Box of Candy Charms, from the pictures, it looks okay but I’m giving it hope I will like it in person. What do you all think?


Okay… Okay..

I’ve received several messages about the holiday charms and I do agree, I forgot a few charms. I was looking for more “Christmas” Themed instead of “Holiday” themed. Plus, I miss seeing the Yorkie Dog incorporated somehow into the charms.  Well..tis the season and wear those holiday charms!