Upcoming Charms

Hello everyone! I’ve been browsing the web and found some new charms that are coming soon to Juicy Couture.  There’s also a Cookie Jar Charm coming soon.  I love the variety in charms being released in 2013 and for 2014.  I love the recreation in older charms made new and brand new charms.  Good choice Juicy!

fifiyee__3069_ fifiyee__3073_ fifiyee__3075_


Fall 2013 Charms

Hello fellow Charmers!

New Fall Collection 2013 = New Charms! There is an array of charms Juicy Couture has released and I must say that I do like them.  I like the different animals, feminine accessories, and other fun items being released.

YJRU7092_710_main YJRU7029_710_main YJRU7090_710_main robe_13 leopardpurse_13 monkey_13 dino_13 castle_13

More New Charms!

More 2013 charms! I just love how the quality of the charms are back up to the usual Juicy Couture standards. The 2013 charms are better quality, fun, random, and a nice array of charms to add to your collection.  I love the Easter Basket and the Can of Tennis Balls. I don’t play tennis but I surly need this charm!  Too bad there isn’t a St. Patty’s Day Charm, wear your green charms this weekend!

This Weekend, Charms are 30% off! Full Price and Sale!

pagoda_13 lovebug_13 tennisballs_13 coconutwater_13 easterbasket_13LE

Happy New Year Charmers!

2013 here we come! 2012 was fun right? But in 2013, it will be much better…that totally sounds corny but I think it’s true!

In the World of Charms, 2013 looks like it will be off to a good start.  We have 4 new charms added to the 2013 Page. All charms except the Be Mine Lollipop are updated repeat charms.  At first I didn’t like the idea of Juicy Couture releasing charms released years ago. But now, I think it’s a great way to collect charms you can now get at full retail value except at an extremely marked up value on eBay, plus it’s just another charm to add to the collection.  The Nautical/Aquarius side of me has to have the new Life Preserver. And hey, why not add along the Speed Boat?

speedboat_13 beminelollipop_13 lifepreserver_13 kissingbirds_13


New Look?! I was tired of the old site look 6 months ago, so I decided to change it up a bit.  This is temporary.

AND! It’s still coming! New videos are coming! My charm collection has vastly grew and I must show them off. Plus a video or post on restoring your charms.  Hang tight please!


Thank you everyone for the continued support, patience, comments, compliments, on the Juicy Couture Charm Collectors Page!

Merry Christmas!

Let’s celebrate yet another time of the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by wearing your favorite Juicy Couture Christmas Charms!

Most of you have noticed Juicy Couture did not release many Christmas Charms this year… sad day. Christmas Charms are festive, fun, and need to be worn everyday during December.


eggnog_12LE I received the Eggnog Charm about a week ago. Cute charm! Ingredients of the Juicy Couture Eggnog = 100% Attitude!

Christmas Holiday Charms Throughout the Year

Here are a few of my favorite holiday charms Juicy has released throughout the years.

snowboard_11LE  rootbeerfloat_11LE     xmassnowboard_07LE xmassleigh_10LE xmassnowman_08LE     xmassanta_08LE xmaspavebow_10LE xmasordament_08LE xmasbulb_07LE xmasgingerhouse_07LE  xmasbear_10LE xmascandycane_07LE xmasfireplace_10LE


Last but not least….

Stock up on charms ASAP!! Juicycouture.com now has 50% off Sale Charms!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 6.26.16 PM

OMG! I stocked up on silk shirts, pants, jeans, hats, galore!! I absolutely love sales with additional sales off! That’s how you spend 😉


Merry Christmas Everyone!! 

Well Hello!!!!

Happy Holidays Charm Collectors!!

I have been away for a lil’ while. My life has completely been flipped upside and turned inside out. Let’s see, I am now gainfully employed by the most profitable company in the world, I still maintain my baking business, still have the love of my life, AND two exciting things I can’t wait to get into detail about soon…..

1) My Charm Collection Dramatically Grew!

Truth be told, I do not know the exact number of new charms I have purchased. It’s this state of denial where I really cannot place a number on how much I actually spent! Let’s just say, I have 20 new charms added.

I will post a video on my new charms!

2) I Moved!  

Check out my new charm display! This display does not show all of my charms. I will post an updated video of my new collection showcase. This display may be temporary, I haven’t decided yet.