Upcoming Charms

Hello everyone! I’ve been browsing the web and found some new charms that are coming soon to Juicy Couture.  There’s also a Cookie Jar Charm coming soon.  I love the variety in charms being released in 2013 and for 2014.  I love the recreation in older charms made new and brand new charms.  Good choice Juicy!

fifiyee__3069_ fifiyee__3073_ fifiyee__3075_


Fall 2013 Charms

Hello fellow Charmers!

New Fall Collection 2013 = New Charms! There is an array of charms Juicy Couture has released and I must say that I do like them.  I like the different animals, feminine accessories, and other fun items being released.

YJRU7092_710_main YJRU7029_710_main YJRU7090_710_main robe_13 leopardpurse_13 monkey_13 dino_13 castle_13

Charms for Sale!

Interested in adding more of those “hard to find” charms? I have another charmer selling her collection.  Here are the charms up for grabs. If you are interested, contact her at  nwlaw2014@gmail.com for prices and purchase.

Please note that all charms are brand new and without ANY flaws, missing pieces, etc. except the couple that are noted. They are all in their original boxes and tagged, unless otherwise noted. Additionally they are all the GOLD version, none are silver.
* denotes a limited edition gold box
Pink mint tin
Queen of Couture medallion with pearls around
Pink pave t-shirt
pink sunglasses
you’re a peach’ peach
blue bustier/corset
cuvee wine cork
ballet slippers
tri-color popsicle (pink, green, yellow version)
Wedding cake-some crystals missing
Nesting doll
Cheque book
gingerbread man*
Green champagne bottle
Valentine box of chocolates*
pink jewelry chest/box with pearls
Yorkie in pink shopping bag
charm box with diamond heart
yellow taxi cab
chocolate covered strawberry
petit four
pink dog carrier with yorkie inside
candy cane*
gingerbread house*
princess diary
christmas lightbulb
yorkie on snowboard
green tennis ball
pave pear
pink New Year’s top hat*
lovestruck heart
Empire State building
Valentine’s mailbox
pave skateboard
Queen bee
candy roll
pave teddy bear
purple engagement ring*
Yorkie in Easter egg
LOVE 4 leaf clover
yellow cupcake*
soccer ball-pink
banana split
vanity mirror
palm tree
daisy bouquet
boxing glove
piece of cake-SOLD
dark pink iceskate*
green mint tin
New York pink t-shirt
pink bubblegum machine
candy corn*
christmas tree*
Yorkie in stocking (one w/ Christmas tree on front)
Flower child’ peace sign
Hot cocoa-original version
champagne flute
teddy bear-yellow one
red rose bouquet
box of chocolates*
New York red apple
cuvee wine cork*
script pearl
tennis raquet
hot air balloon
cuvee wine cork*
London phone booth (red enamel coming off in a couple corners)
double decker bus
pink crown
pink swirl cupcake
champagne bucket
chocolate covered strawberry
ferris wheel
merry go round
truth or dare heart spinner*
be mine heart locket*
chocolate Easter bunny*
Christmas present
Champagne bucket
2010 pave carrot
prom queen bouquet
yorkie in bathtub
yorkie in airplane
pink basketball
holiday ham
sewing machine
Valentine’s chocolate box*
cotton candy machine
Yorkie in sleigh
picnic basket
unsure of years
bloomin’ couture’ flower pot
pink cupcake__original version
baseball glove
pink megaphone–original
mouse with cheese
white engagement ring–original version
graffiti sneaker
White and black pave t-shirt


More New Charms!

More 2013 charms! I just love how the quality of the charms are back up to the usual Juicy Couture standards. The 2013 charms are better quality, fun, random, and a nice array of charms to add to your collection.  I love the Easter Basket and the Can of Tennis Balls. I don’t play tennis but I surly need this charm!  Too bad there isn’t a St. Patty’s Day Charm, wear your green charms this weekend!

This Weekend, Charms are 30% off! Full Price and Sale!

pagoda_13 lovebug_13 tennisballs_13 coconutwater_13 easterbasket_13LE

Charms for Sale

Interested in adding more charms to your collection? Who isn’t right? What about charms that are hard to come by?

A Charmer has sent me a list of charms she is selling. If you are interested, email me and I will send you her email address for more communication.

Limited Edition

2009 (produced for 2010) Heart Spinner (3630) $62 NB

2010 Prom Queen bouquet (3820) RRP $62

2010 Teddy bear Christmas tree (4354) $62

2011 Prom limo (4866) RRP $62

2011 Hot Chocolate (5337) RRP $58

2011 Pave snowman (5338)RRP $62


Pink/blue enamel gold key (0221) NB [slightly tarnished, due to age. Received this way from eBay] $48

Boudoir teal enamel gold slide (0435) NB $52


Blue skirt with bow detail, “Choose Juicy” on back (1462) NB $48


Script pearl (2658) NB $42

“Prep School Riot” heart (number unknown) NB [slightly tarnished, due to age.] $42


Crown with pearl in silver (2481) RRP $52 [worn, no scratches or discrepancies]

Princess carriage (2486) RRP $62

Mouse in cheese wedge (3175) RRP $48

Ice Cream Cone in silver (3245) RRP $35

Cheerleading Cheer Megaphone (3243) RRP $35

Laptop (3739) RRP $58


Pave Snail (3866) NB $58

Yorkie in Airplane (4255) RRP $52

Taffy (4259) RRP $42 [clear plastic slightly rubbed, received this way from eBay, due in part to age of item and bein pre-owned by previous owner]

Boom Box in orange (4269) RRP $52

Pave star (4314) RRP $58

Can of Couture soda (4318) RRP $42

Cotton Candy Cart (4681) RRP $52 [worn, small chip of enamel missing from one wheel on cart]


Pave Big Apple (4696) RRP $58

Alarm Clock (4736) RRP $48

Kiwi (4959) RRP $42

Robin (5142) RRP $57

iPad tablet (5339) RRP $52

Pegasus (5340) RRP $52

MP3 Player (5391) RRP $52

Green pave heart w. banner (5392) RRP $52

Dagger (5395) RRP $32

Pineapple (5439) RRP $48

Pear (5440) RRP $48

Parrot (5441) RRP $42


Bicycle (5589) RRP $58

Suntan Lotion (5711) RRP $48 [slight scratch on label, was sold to me at Juicy store this way]

Surfboard (5776) RRP $48

Angel Fish (5777) RRP $52

What’s new in your collection?

So far, there have been some great 2013 charms released.  I love the Juicy Hat and the Circus Elephant.  The Circus Elephant makes me wish I purchased the circus themed charms a couple years ago….Well, I’ll buy this one!

circuselephant_13 pavesun_13 YJRU6433_710_main pavesnake_13

Have you checked this charm out? An Easter Bunny in a basket?! How freakin’ adorable is this!?!? Don’t you remember getting up early Easter Morning, searching for colored eggs, and eating all the pastel colored candies? Well I do.  Perfect charm for Easter!



What’s been going on in my corner? Yes I have been MIA for a while. Yes I feel awful! Yes I’ve been responding to emails from my fellow charmers so I am still here!  I’ve been in a tough spot with this blog.   Until 5 months ago, it was hard to keep up with the Charm Spirit because I really couldn’t afford to buy any new charms. So my charm spirit died down. Then I started working again, I purchased so many charms, I felt like I was missing out on months of purchases.  My void wasn’t filled.  And as my life made vast changes in my day to day, I felt as if I didn’t have a voice in the charm world; even though I was adding charms to my collection.

I am in a transition stage in my life and while I am transitioning, I miss the joy of collecting and sharing with everyone.  I didn’t really notice it until I stopped updating my blog and you all kept emailing me, wondering how I am doing, whether or not charms are authentic… I still light up when people comment on my charms and I think as I am shopping or browsing the internet, I just love Juicy Couture.  I love the shopping experiences, I love the charms, I love the clothes, I love the feeling I get when I wear my Juicy. I’ve never lost it, just needed time to reflect on why I write this blog.

Thank you for your time and thank you for visiting the site! Anything you need from me, I am just an email away!!