Fall 2013 Charms

Hello fellow Charmers!

New Fall Collection 2013 = New Charms! There is an array of charms Juicy Couture has released and I must say that I do like them.  I like the different animals, feminine accessories, and other fun items being released.

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More New Charms!

More 2013 charms! I just love how the quality of the charms are back up to the usual Juicy Couture standards. The 2013 charms are better quality, fun, random, and a nice array of charms to add to your collection.  I love the Easter Basket and the Can of Tennis Balls. I don’t play tennis but I surly need this charm!  Too bad there isn’t a St. Patty’s Day Charm, wear your green charms this weekend!

This Weekend, Charms are 30% off! Full Price and Sale!

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New Charms! Again :-)

Lots of new stuff going on! Check out these new charms posted on the web. Many of you have seen some of these charms on eBay but now they are posted on ShopBellaBeach and soon Juicycouture.com. Lots of “pave” going on here…we have the black and pave handbag, eggnog carton, penguin, diamond, Rabbit, green champagne bottle, and 2013 glasses for NYE.  Eggnog anyone? Very glitzy charms to sparkle up your collection for the end of the year.



Some Charmer’s really like the new cute Penguin, and the green champagne bottle is good to pick up if you missed last year’s pink bottle.


Coming Soon

You all have seen the new charms posted on shopbellabeach and perhaps eBay too, here’s a rundown of what’s to come! We have the French Bulldog, Shopping Tote, Headphones, Cocktail Shaker, Pave Daydreamer, Peacock Feather, and a Penguin.

I like the Shopping Tote and the Headphones! The pictures we are seeing are “preproduction” photos, so there may be changes after that photo has been posted. I think the Shopping Tote and headphones will be cuter after production and/or in person. Other than that….that’s it! I really want to see what holiday charms come out and possibly a NYE Charm.  Can’t wait to see these new charms in person..I think the pictures we see below do not give the charms any justice.

I’ve heard from some Charmers about the new charms, what do you think about them? Any charm jumps out that you have to have?

A Charmer told me about new charms posted on Bloomindales!

Check them out y’all! Shopbellabeach.com has the same charms online too.

We finally have the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), Spider Web for Halloween, and a Corgi Dog Charm.  My favorite would be the Dia de los Muertos charm.  I love skull heads, shockingly because I am pretty girly, and when juicy add rhinestones and glamour to them, skulls are cute!

I have similar charms that look like the other two so I am set with one charm from this collection.

Do you think these charms live up to the Juicy Style?

New Charms!

Just posted on Shopbellabeach.com, new charms! A lot of the charms I already “spied”, the Juicy Couture Rain boot, the Cat, and the Cardinal.  There’s another new charm, the Juicy Couture Green Tea charm.  Thanks to a charmer, use this coupon code “SDR20” for 20% off during checkout.

My thoughts about the new charms…hmmm. Is it me or are the charms not as good as they used to be? I definitely do not want to come off negative but I’ve seen better from Juicy Couture.  The best charms out of the bunch are the JC boot and the Cardinal.  The cat charm I would consider cuter, if I owned a cat. I play with my boyfriend’s cat and that’s the most cat action I’ve ever had in my entire life.  For the Green Tea charm, it’s as bad as the Grape Soda Charm. I will say that I will pass on all of these charms.  OR, this is a big OR, I will get the JC Boot charm on clearance. Y’all know me, I purchase charms on clearance.  Every single charm Juicy Couture produces goes on clearance and I have the patience to wait.

Any who, enough about me, what do you all think?


Tons of New Charms! Check it out

Watchout! New charms available for preorder on ShopBellaBeach.com! Let’s get right into it! Side note (WordPress, my hosting site, is vastly getting on my nerves. They changed how to post and this post would have been cooler than it actually is.) 🙂

Krissy’s YAYs!!

The dessert charm is a gimme for me, of course I go for any charm that’s dessert/sweets related.  Remember the London Taxi Cab in Pink that debuted last year? Well here it is in blue! I already have 4 London Charms, this will make it 5.  Lastly, the fox is cute.  I have a lot of animal charms and this will be a nice addition.

My Eh Charms

The Vote Charm. It’s okay. I am all about voting but it would have been cuter if it looked like a button!

Krissy’s Nay’s

Everything else.  The teapot looks okay but comparing it to the old teapot charm, I definitely wouldn’t get this charm. And for the rhinestones, they do not make a lasting impression on me. They seem like filler charms so Juicy can say they are releasing more charms this year.

What do you all think about this collection? How do you like the rhinestone charms?