Fall 2013 Charms

Hello fellow Charmers!

New Fall Collection 2013 = New Charms! There is an array of charms Juicy Couture has released and I must say that I do like them.  I like the different animals, feminine accessories, and other fun items being released.

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Charms for Sale

Interested in adding more charms to your collection? Who isn’t right? What about charms that are hard to come by?

A Charmer has sent me a list of charms she is selling. If you are interested, email me and I will send you her email address for more communication.

Limited Edition

2009 (produced for 2010) Heart Spinner (3630) $62 NB

2010 Prom Queen bouquet (3820) RRP $62

2010 Teddy bear Christmas tree (4354) $62

2011 Prom limo (4866) RRP $62

2011 Hot Chocolate (5337) RRP $58

2011 Pave snowman (5338)RRP $62


Pink/blue enamel gold key (0221) NB [slightly tarnished, due to age. Received this way from eBay] $48

Boudoir teal enamel gold slide (0435) NB $52


Blue skirt with bow detail, “Choose Juicy” on back (1462) NB $48


Script pearl (2658) NB $42

“Prep School Riot” heart (number unknown) NB [slightly tarnished, due to age.] $42


Crown with pearl in silver (2481) RRP $52 [worn, no scratches or discrepancies]

Princess carriage (2486) RRP $62

Mouse in cheese wedge (3175) RRP $48

Ice Cream Cone in silver (3245) RRP $35

Cheerleading Cheer Megaphone (3243) RRP $35

Laptop (3739) RRP $58


Pave Snail (3866) NB $58

Yorkie in Airplane (4255) RRP $52

Taffy (4259) RRP $42 [clear plastic slightly rubbed, received this way from eBay, due in part to age of item and bein pre-owned by previous owner]

Boom Box in orange (4269) RRP $52

Pave star (4314) RRP $58

Can of Couture soda (4318) RRP $42

Cotton Candy Cart (4681) RRP $52 [worn, small chip of enamel missing from one wheel on cart]


Pave Big Apple (4696) RRP $58

Alarm Clock (4736) RRP $48

Kiwi (4959) RRP $42

Robin (5142) RRP $57

iPad tablet (5339) RRP $52

Pegasus (5340) RRP $52

MP3 Player (5391) RRP $52

Green pave heart w. banner (5392) RRP $52

Dagger (5395) RRP $32

Pineapple (5439) RRP $48

Pear (5440) RRP $48

Parrot (5441) RRP $42


Bicycle (5589) RRP $58

Suntan Lotion (5711) RRP $48 [slight scratch on label, was sold to me at Juicy store this way]

Surfboard (5776) RRP $48

Angel Fish (5777) RRP $52

New Charms! Again :-)

Lots of new stuff going on! Check out these new charms posted on the web. Many of you have seen some of these charms on eBay but now they are posted on ShopBellaBeach and soon Juicycouture.com. Lots of “pave” going on here…we have the black and pave handbag, eggnog carton, penguin, diamond, Rabbit, green champagne bottle, and 2013 glasses for NYE.  Eggnog anyone? Very glitzy charms to sparkle up your collection for the end of the year.



Some Charmer’s really like the new cute Penguin, and the green champagne bottle is good to pick up if you missed last year’s pink bottle.


Tons of New Charms! Check it out

Watchout! New charms available for preorder on ShopBellaBeach.com! Let’s get right into it! Side note (WordPress, my hosting site, is vastly getting on my nerves. They changed how to post and this post would have been cooler than it actually is.) 🙂

Krissy’s YAYs!!

The dessert charm is a gimme for me, of course I go for any charm that’s dessert/sweets related.  Remember the London Taxi Cab in Pink that debuted last year? Well here it is in blue! I already have 4 London Charms, this will make it 5.  Lastly, the fox is cute.  I have a lot of animal charms and this will be a nice addition.

My Eh Charms

The Vote Charm. It’s okay. I am all about voting but it would have been cuter if it looked like a button!

Krissy’s Nay’s

Everything else.  The teapot looks okay but comparing it to the old teapot charm, I definitely wouldn’t get this charm. And for the rhinestones, they do not make a lasting impression on me. They seem like filler charms so Juicy can say they are releasing more charms this year.

What do you all think about this collection? How do you like the rhinestone charms?

Charms on Sale

Here are the sales I am talking about. Nordstrom has finally marked down their Just Hatched Charm, Dragonfly Charm, Lemon Charm, and Lipstick Charm at 30%. Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns.  Plus if the charm price reduces, you can ask for a price change! How cool is that? I used to work for Nordstrom and I am a huge fan of the company and their brand.  Great Customer Service!

Juicy Couture on the other hand, has their charms on sale for 30% off now until the END OF TODAY!! For free shipping, you have to spend over $150.  You will see a pattern where when there is a sale, there isn’t free shipping.  When their merchandise is not on sale, free shipping galore.  When prices lower on their website, they will not give you a price reduction. You have to purchase the item at the sale price and return the other item you previously purchased. This is Online. At the store may be a different story.  None-the-less, not the best customer service experience.

Get the charms while you can!

Where Have I Been??

Hi Everyone! I’ve been jet setting to the east coast..New York City!  I am a huge Broadway Musical Fan and it’s been a goal to just go and watch musicals back to back.  I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, Chicago, and Porgy & Bess in less than 48 hours. Great isn’t it!?

During my visit, I took a trip to the Juicy Couture store on 5th Ave.  AMAZING!! Talk about a department store.  The store has two levels, and pretty spread out.  Lots of sitting space for your male counterparts.  The tracksuit section is huge, you need assistance to get what tracksuit you want to try on.  If you love Juicy Couture, especially their clothes, this is the perfect spot. The store has everything the online store has in stock.

Where else have I’ve been? I’ve been in love! 

Meet my boyfriend!

More to come on the site. When I arrive back to Planet Earth, I will do another video of my other charms in storage and update the galleries.   Also I will have a page on Juicy Couture Duplicate Charms for reference.