Happy St. Patrick’s Day Charmers!

Wear that bright green today! Including these charms for extra luck.

Juicy clover clover_08 Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Clover 2010  Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Pot of Gold 2011


St. Patty’s Day!

Don’t get pinched!  Juicy Couture has some pretty good St. Patrick’s Day Charms. SAD there isn’t a charm this year!!! Anyways, get your St. Patty’s Charms out and sport that green!

Pot of Gold Juicy Couture Charm 2011      Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Clover 2010

Top 2011 Juicy Couture Charms

Okay back to business.  Here are the Top 2011 Charms according to me, Krissy! 2011 was good year for charms.  There was a smaller amount of Show Stoppers this year, which make these charms more special.

#1 Charm: Box of Chocolates Limited Edition

Talk about a detailed charm, each candy piece is defined all in a heart shaped box.  Detailed charms are key and this charm is awesome! Hands down, top 2011 charm.

#2: Bride and Groom Limited Edition
When I saw these charms, I said “Whoa!” I just love the concept of a bride and groom charm.  I don’t even wear this charm, it just sits in my charm collector box for display.  Psst… I have a charm theme that includes bride and groom, engagement ring, first house, and key to first house.
#3: Easter Egg Carton Limited Edition
Fun Charm! The concept is so cute, wear a carton of Easter Eggs on your wrist.  I was never too crazy about Easter Charms in the past but 2011 Easter Charms are darling.
#4: Statue of Liberty
Girl I’ll tell ya that I love NYC! I try to go every year but definitely go every other year.   This charm kinda broke on me while wearing it.  So when I do wear it, I have to be careful.
Statue of Liberty Juicy Couture Charm 2011
#5: Fairy
This charm is the only out of the Top 5, not considered a Limited Edition.  The fairy is dainty and petite.  I typically wear this charm by itself. The theme family it belongs to is the “Lucky” Theme.  I do wear this charm sometimes when I go out on dates so my fairy wishes me luck. Heck, good luck to the guy cause I’m a handful at sometimes.  Yes I believe in jewelry that gives you good luck!
Fairy Juicy Couture Charm
There are mine, which are your Top 2011 Charms?

Luck of the Irish

Get your St. Patrick’s Day Charms out and show your green for everyone to envy! What I love about these charms is you can wear them year round and not just for the special holiday. I only have the Juicy 2010 Shamrock Limited Edition and waiting to get the Juicy 2011 Pot of Gold.  Which charm do you have?

Pot of Gold Juicy Couture Charm 2011 Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Shamrock 2010 Juicy Couture Charm Clover 2008 Juicy Couture Charm Clover 2007