2006 and Earlier

When the charm obsession all began! I gathered these charms from the internet and a fellow charm collector.  Enjoy even though not all the charms are listed from 2006 and Earlier.



4 thoughts on “2006 and Earlier

  1. hello! i love your website ! i check it all the time! i am a juicy charm LOVER and collector! i think maybe you are missing the footprint charm? im not sure what year its from though..

    • Hi, nice to meet you! How many charms do you have? Actually I have the footprint charm under the 2008 Gallery. If could be older but from the pictures, I dated it back to 2008.

  2. hello! thanks for replying! great to meet you too! you have a great website, I love to look at it and see your updates! I have about 88 charms … and growing! LOL i just cant help myself

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