Let’s see what Juicy rolls out this year!


13 thoughts on “2012

  1. At seller has charms that for some reason have the ltd Ed tags but have compared the charms to pictures on is site and other than the tag they seem very close to the originals. I think they’re one of those half and half, some fakes & some real to make them seem legit.

    • Hi! Not recently!! I pretty much didn’t get any summer charms this year, but I plan on stocking up on the charms just released on Juicy’s Site.

    • That’s because it’s fake. Or it wasn’t sold in National Retail and when a charm isn’t sold in a Juicy store, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc, I strongly believe it’s not real unless I can get clarification from a source. 🙂

    • Hey!! So I got clarification on the cotton candy charm in silver from another source and it is real!! I’m sorry about the first mis-information. A lot of the newer charms were released in silver after the gold edition. Whew!! I learned something new too! Kristina

    • It’s all good! If you still want it, keep it. Or resell or threaten to say it’s a fake and demand a refund (it worked for me 🙂

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