Bracelets and Necklaces

Gotta have the Juicy Couture Bracelet or Necklace for your charms!


4 thoughts on “Bracelets and Necklaces

  1. Hey! Love the site. Really cute! Question. Do you know if or where I can find the “Dreaming in Color” in Black? I found the bracelet. But I can’t find the necklace Anywhere!!!!! Thanks

    • Hi Nikki! Thank you for coming to my site! I have not seem the Dreaming in Color Necklaces anywhere. I do Juicy Couture Jewelry Internet searches everyday and when I do see the necklaces I will post on my site!

  2. Hi again, Krissy!!! I am somewhat very disappointed right now because I found out that the only charm bracelet that is able to use the mini charms is a leather cord by Juicy Couture. None of the other bracelets will work unless you take them to your jeweler and have even the smaller chain bracelets redone because the charms DON’T FIT through the tiny JC logo stamp!!! I bought five mini charms already (gifting one of them to a close friend) and tried to string the mini charms into any of my existing bracelets as I have three that are smaller chained, but none of the charms fit in. I then wrote Customer Service to find out what they had in mind when calling this collection DIY as obviously, you can’t DIY!!! and they replied that the YJRU5534 bracelet is the only one offered currently for those mini charms which is a HUGE collection, BTW. Of course I had to write back and suggest that more products be considered because I myself am not a leather black cord girl AT ALL!!! I also think they need to consider providing spacers as well because if you group the mini charms as I have, you’ll see that they need spacers if you want to avoid clinking them together CONSTANTLY. I think for now I only have my larger charms to act as “spacers,” but lodged THAT suggestion to as well. I mean even having spacers that just had the stamps on them with the JC logo would just be so cool and could be reasonably priced as well. Anyway, just wanted to share what I discovered on my own and in contact JC!!!

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