How Krissy Shops for Charms

Shopping for charms is a process.  Everyday I quickly visit my favorite places to shop online to see if any new charms have been released or have reduced in price.  Within the year, I have become a very savvy shopper when it comes to charms. A lot of the charms I purchase are at the price I wanted to pay for and charms worth buying.  I will admit I have purchased charms that are not impressive and I have regretted buying them. This guide will hopefully help all Juicy Couture Charm Collectors.
3 Stages to Buying Juicy Couture Charms
1) Do I have to have it now?
The extreme shopper in me wants to declare I want every charm I see. Yet, I take a step back and think, “Do I have to have it now and pay full retail?”  A lot depends on quality and if the charm is special. The quality of the charm and the price point greatly depends whether or not I will purchase the charm at full retail. If the charm is pave, colorful, intricate, or has a special meaning, it is a high quality charm.  Juicy Couture usually prices their higher quality at the $58 or the $62 mark.  If it is a must-have, it’s a go with the purchase!
Statue of Liberty Juicy Couture Charm 2011 Pave Apple Juicy Couture Charm 2011
2) I don’t have to have it now; can I wait for a cheaper price?
If the charm did not completely “WOW” me, I ask myself, “Would I want this charm if it were cheaper?” Those charms are usually cute but of lesser quality or overpriced charms.  Lesser quality charms usually go on sale.  I have purchased charms before they went on sale and shot myself in the foot. Now, if I want it but don’t need it, it can wait.
Strawberry & Creme Juicy Couture Charm
3) This charm is now very cheap; do I still want this charm?
This question is deemed for charms of lesser quality and on sale.  If I passed the charm up after stages 1 and 2, and the sale price still hasn’t tempted me to purchase, I answered the question, “No.”
Holiday Charms
Holiday Juicy Couture Charms deserve it’s own special category.  A lot of the holiday charms are detailed, special, and great to wear for the upcoming season.  But you must ask yourself, “Do I need it now or can it wait until next year?”  Holiday charms will go on sale sooner or later, if you can wait to wear the charm for another year, definitely buy after the holiday has passed.  If not, purchase and get as much wear as you can become the holiday comes!
Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition Candy Corn 2008 Juicy Couture Charm Limited Edition New Years Hat 2011
Rare Charms
Rare charms are Juicy Couture charms that are not in production anymore and in high demand, and mostly sold on eBay.  They are charms you passed up and suddenly decided you need that charm in your collection.  Decide how much you are willing to spend on a rare charm because it will be above the full retail value.

10 thoughts on “How Krissy Shops for Charms

  1. Hey again…good advice. I was wondering if you were to go to the Juicy Store right now which charm would you get. I’m going this weekend to get the pot of gold charm and one other but I can’t decided. I know it should be what I want but I want your opinion (your the expert).


    • Hi! The pot of gold charm is an excellent choice! I just came from the Juicy Store this past weekend and my lovely mother purchased the Birthday Cake Charm for me. Since Juicy turned 10 years old this year, it was a must have for my collection. The Pave Apple Charm is a gorgeous charm or the Statue of Liberty Charm are must haves. People will give a double look!

  2. hi krissy, great site! What is ur opinion re authentic Juicy Couture charms that are defective and-or don’t have their original tagged box as far as value, paying price, collector quality, etc? x devra

  3. hey, I have the light pink heart charm that has the pave arrow going through it (a 2007 one i think) well the pink has chipped really bad. does that mean i bought a fake or just didnt take care of a real one? none of my others did that.

  4. hello! I love your collection! I am new to collecting juicy charms and have about 17. You are very right that once you start you want them all. Its great to see people who love them as much as i do because I’m pretty sure my friends think I’m crazy. haha Just had to comment keep it up. =)

    • Thank you for sharing and make sure you share with everyone on the Your Charm Collection page!
      My friends just accepted that yes I collect charms and I am a huge JC Fan. They think it’s cool that I collect things!

    • Hi!
      It all depends on how much you want it and how much you are willing to pay for it. I wouldn’t pay over $50 for one, I haven’t seen a shortage of the hair dryer charm on eBay.

  5. Thank you for this helpful website. I just started collecting a few months ago. I was afraid to buy off ebay becuz of fakes but now I know what to look for. The info on boxes was very helpful for me. Right now I only have two charms that I bought off with the winter sale. I do have a question>> I personally don’t like gold jewerly but I really a couple of the gold charms. Is it wrong to mix gold and silver charms on a silver charm bracelet? I don’t care for the look of it but I really like the gold video game controller I bought. I couldnt resist the price! $15 on clearance. I have the silver bracelet and silver star charm. I’m looking forward to building my collection. Thanx again for this great website! Keep up the good work! ❤

    • Hi!
      I think it’s totally fine to mix silver and gold tones together! If it’s what you want to wear, then I say go for it!!

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