Shop for Charms

Building your charm collection all begins with one simple step, shopping! Aside from visiting your local Nordstrom or Juicy Couture store, shopping online is an essential way to build your collection.  Sign up for mailings from Juicy Couture to get your charms on sale and watch other sites’ clearance to get your charms for a great price.  Here are sites I look to search, compare prices, and purchase Juicy Couture Charms.

Online Retailers 

16 thoughts on “Shop for Charms

  1. Hahahah, did you know that American’s are very fortunate, even buying at a Juicy retail store in Asia it is soooo expensive, I bought the 2011 LE Box of chocolate at S$140, that translate to about US$115, Krissy was this the retail price there at good ole US of A? Because i’ve seen it sold for less in eBay….

    • Juicy Couture sends their charms to charm seller retailers before they release them However, JC posts their charms when they are ready to sell.

  2. You’ll probably be flooded with members leaving their fave sellers, but two I have done business with recently and are as pleasant, fast and authentic as they come are nickiscouture and gails-goodies1024. Fully pleased with my interactions, great product and very fast!!!

  3. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite sellers on eBay, her name is 5505kitty. I’m very pleased with her products, wrapping & fast shipping!

  4. Hi Krissy! First, I just love your blog site! It is great to check out on a regular basis while I shop around for JC charms! My best friend introduced me to the JC charms last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m not sure if you have checked out this seller or not, but I thought I would let you know so you can add it to your list. I have purchased from this seller several times on her eCrater and eBay stores and I have been so pleased with my purchases from her stores. She has a 99.99% satisfaction rate. Here’s the link: Keep up the great work on your blog! 🙂

  5. Hey i love your blog. I am getting a charm bracelet from juicy this year but for my daughter and she is 13. But I don’t know were to get the charms and I prefer not to spend a crazy amount of money.

  6. I recommend exceptional_deals_fl on Ebay. A gift receipt from where the charm was purchased is always included, so you know they are authentic charms!

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