Taking Care of your Juicy

Have you had a favorite piece of jewelry that lost it’s color, became damaged, or unwearable? It’s happened to the best of us. Maintaining your Juicy Couture Charm Collection is key to sustaining the life of your precious jewels.  Juicy Couture jewelry is costume jewelry, gold-plated, therefore maintaining the quality is more important because once it’s damaged, it’s very hard to repair again.  Follow these guidelines to help your jewelry stands the test of time.  Side note: I am finally getting in the hang of how to take photos of my charms!

1)  NEVER spray perfume while you have on your jewelry
          This is a sure way to tarnish your jewelry. Perfume has the power to change the color of your jewelry.  Spray on your perfume before you apply your jewelry and make sure it’s dry.  Even though your jewelry may change color on the backside of the jewelry, the front will be untouched.  The bracelet I have pictured below is a bracelet (top) that is brand new compared to a bracelet (below) after almost daily wear for three years.  The old bracelet completely lost it’s color and turned a dusty rose color.
2)  Selectively choose which charms you wear
          Some charms are more delicate than other charms. A charm with tons of crystals are more prone to fall out if it’s attached directly next to another charm.  For those special charms that you don’t want to be damaged, wear that charm alone or on the opposite end of another charm.  This also prevents wear and tear for your other charms.  That’s why I typically wear 1-2 charms on my bracelet; 3 charms at most.
3)  Know what charms are wearable
          Some charms just aren’t meant to be worn, sadly.  See a picture of my Princess Telephone, it was broken and I wore it about two times.  The luggage charm below has a loose latch and always falls open.
4)  Wear bracelet on opposite arm
          If you are right handed, try wearing your bracelet on your left hand to prevent the bracelet coming in contact with a surface while writing or using a computer mouse.  Tons of charms have been damaged in my previous job where I heavily used the computer.
5)  Understand that it is costume jewelry
          Costume jewelry worn frequently throughout time will be likely to change color, just due to natural wear.  Throughout my charm collecting, I’ve had three charm bracelets.  I understand that my charm bracelet will turn color after time, I try my best to maintain the quality as much as I can.  These charms below shows wear and tear. And typically happens with charms you love to wear.
6) Use TarnX to restore color
          **Krissy at Juicy Charm Collector is not responsible for undesirable color changes using TarnX!**
     Use TarnX to restore the color using all of your costume jewelry. TarnX can be found in the cleaning section at Walmart in the grocery section.  Take a cotton ball, dip the cotton ball at the opening of the bottle, and rub on the charm.  Or you can fill a plastic cup with TarnX and place the jewelry in the cup for about 10 sec and take out to dry.  This only works on jewelry that appears dirty or black. If your jewelry has turned color to a rose color (see my bracelet pic) then TarnX will NOT work and make it look worse than better. I only TarnX my Crown Charm.  If the TarnX didn’t work then I understood that I would go buy another Crown Charm.  Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve used TarnX to restore my silver-plated jewelry too!  Use at your discretion.
Left pic shows before, Right pic shows after TarnX

11 thoughts on “Taking Care of your Juicy

  1. My brand new Juicy earrings….hear shaped with the words Juicy in scroll on each of them, came out of their gift box with one earring broken. The wire that goes through the pierced ear and clicks shut was loose in the box. I have been offered a refund, but I have never even worn these earrings once. Who in Southern California can repair Juicy Costume Jewelry?

    • If what I think you are talking about, you can actually fix it yourself with a pair of pylers. Or get a guy handy with tools to do it. Just gently close the gap in-between where the wire goes when you snap the earring shut. Hope that helps! Am I even close to what you are talking about?

  2. Tarn-X really does work very well on sterling silver & other metals, but could possibly start taking off some of the 14k gold-plated metal as well after repeated use as it’s a very strong chemical. A good silver polishing cloth would also be good to use on the charms so that gentle and strong strokes can be used on the surfaces of the charms. It is also a very good idea to store them in anti-tarnish cloth and/or jewelry boxes that come with that. I also have bought anti-tarnish squares and rectangles from amazon.com in order to keep the atmosphere of my charms in optimal conditions. The anti-tarnish squares do need to be replaced after a while though, but at least you’re working to preserving your charms as much as you can. As far as breakage, I agree with Krissy and realize that some of these charms are definitely NOT made to use, but of course to admire. I’m thinking particularly about the Chandelier charm whose crystals and lipstick “candles” are just so delicate, I think any strong hit against even a wall might break something off! The paved charms are also very delicate and any one of those crystals can come off when you accidentally hit an edge of one even digging out something out of your purse as there are a lot of sharp edges in there that you don’t even think of like pens, keys and lip gloss edges!!! The Notebook charm is one of my favorites, but I never use either of them because of the pencil could easily get bent if it came out of the pencil holder and then I’d have to get it straightened out, of course. I think if you have a really special charm that you have to wear and couldn’t live without, a jeweler can look at the stones and try to ensure that they are secure in their prongs as you would any valuable piece of jewelry you have inspected regularly like your engagement ring or eternity band as who would want to have to replace those stones, right?!!! I have also found that many charms can get harmed while shipping so if they are not factory-direct, ask the seller to please use bubble-wrap to cushion the charm so that it doesn’t constantly get tossed and turned while being shipped. I actually received a totally ruined Bee charm that just fell apart during shipping. I got a refund for it, but it took a long time for me to find a brand-new bee charm again, so… Good luck everyone in keeping your Juicy Couture charms in A-1 condition!!!

    • I don’t wear Rose Gold Costume Jewelry, so I asked my mom, a costume jewelry expert. She recommend that you don’t use TarnX on Rose Gold just in case the finish comes off completely and your jewelry is ruined. When I wanted to restore certain pairs of jewelry, I had the attitude “If it’s distorted, can I get another one or if not, will I be okay if it’s damaged?” I hope that helps!

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