So Many Boxes

What’s inside the box? Our favorite treasures! Throughout the years, Juicy Couture has made several changes to their Juicy Couture boxes.  As you have started your collection, you have accumulated those boxes and noticed the changes in the style yet the similarity in the Juicy Couture trademark. Let’s take a look. (Note: I am missing one photo of the Charm Box 2011 that holds the normal charms)

Year: 2004 – 2006

Details: Black Box Exterior with a Terri-cloth blue interior.


Year: 2006 – 2011

Details: Brown Box with pink terri-cloth interior. Note: Boxes came with a cardboard cover until about 2008.


Year: 2006 – 2011

Details: Limited Edition Box.  Gold Exterior with pink velour interior.


Year: 2009 – 2011

Details: Box for Silver Charms.  Pink and Silver stripped exterior with pink terri-cloth interior.

Year: 2009

Details: The Perfect Charm Box! Charm Box that holds 18 Charms.  Brown exterior with pink terri-cloth interior. Inside text “Charmed I’m Sure.”


Year: 2011 –

Details: Limited Edition Box.  Gold exterior with pink satin-like interior.  Top lid flips 180 degrees under the bottom lid. Great for presentation at retail stores.


Year: 2011 –

Details: Boxes for the “Special Girl’s Life Events” Charms.  Gold Exterior that flips.


Year: 2011

Details: Limited Edition Black Box.  Only seen with the Limited Edition Jack-o-latern Charm.


7 thoughts on “So Many Boxes

  1. Thanks for posting this! I was thinking of purchasing the limited edition leaf charm from last year off of ebay…and none of the posted charms are in the above limited edition box…which is a bummer since I have been looking for that charm like crazy…thanks for posting this!!!

    • Whenever you have a question about an ebay listing, send me the link via email to verify. I do have the leaf charm (one of my favorites) and that does come in the LE box.

  2. Hi Krissy!!!

    Thanks for the history of the boxes as I am a relatively new collector starting last year in May.

    I did want to make a rather sad remark about boxes though. The boxes for the newest charms came in boxes made out of cardboard, although it’s in that very pretty bright pink color like their new Juicy Couture logo stickers that are round with the crown and JC initials in white. The new mini-charm boxes are in that same color made out of the same cardboard material although they are really cute to me, about 2 x 2″ square with a depth of 1″. If you buy them factory-direct, you also get a white sleeve cover as well. The little squares have just a flip-top lid which I do really like. I would rather have the regular leather boxes, however, for the regular-sized charms. That means whatever leather boxes people have WILL become collectors’ items in and of themselves unless Claiborne/JC begin reproducing and using them again in the future. I sure hope so because unfortunately, quite a few people don’t realize that even the leather boxes that are pretty sturdy do not always hold up during shipping unless the charm box itself is well-protected with packing paper/bubble wrap in heavier cardboard shipping packages. So do you think that it’s back to cardboard boxes for us, Krissy?

  3. Hi Krissy! Just an update!!! I put in an order to and while I loved all the “stuff” I got, LOL, I was disappointed to find that another box (a Limited Edition Gold one) I received was also made out of cardboard. So I take it now that all those boxes will probably now be that way. I hope this trend doesn’t keep up as I think the leather ones provide more protection than these versions. Maybe when the economy gets better so too will the boxes!!! 😦 😦 😦

  4. I just received the LE 2011 Bunny Mask in the mail today. The charm looks great, The outside of the box also looks great, but the inside of the box looks really cheaply made. I don’t understand. And I don’t think the tag on the box is right either. Confused. How can the box and charm look real, but the inside look fake?

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