Your Charm Collection

I wanted to add a section to my site for my fellow charm collectors.

Everyone please share the following in the “reply” session below:

1) How many charms you have in your collection.

2) Your favorite Charm(s).

3) When you began your collection.

4) Your wish list.

5) Anything you want to add.

Thank you for sharing!!


100 thoughts on “Your Charm Collection

  1. Krissy’s Charm Collection

    1) 108, Last charms purchased: Bubbles and Grasshopper

    2) Gold Crown. Out of the newer charms, I really like the Fairy Charm.

    3) Started in 2007

    4) So many to choose from. I really want the Mannequin Form, Baseball Glove, and Jewelry Box

    5) I’m excited that I started this site, an updated site, for all the charm collectors out there. I collect a few things but the Juicy Couture Charms are my favorite. I’m proud that I’ve become a more “savvy” charm shopper. I used to get mad when charms I purchased went on sale a month later.

  2. 1. 4 charms

    2. Pot of Gold charm

    3. January 2011

    4. Tennis Racket, Climbing Cat, Vampire Teeth, Zebra (but I don’t have a silver bracelet)

    5. I want my collection to be like all holiday charms. I only buy my charms on sale. The charms I have are the Yorkie Shopping Bag, Pot of Gold, Bow and Arrow, and Birds Nest. I usually get a new charm every other month.

    • Hey Nessie! Thank you for sharing! I do wear my two silver charms on my gold bracelet, I just don’t want to purchase a silver bracelet. I can’t wait to see your collection grow!

  3. 1.) 115 charms

    2.) Favorite that I have has to be the opera glasses.

    3.) Started collecting March of 2011

    4.) I don’t have enough space to type out my wishlist – basically I’m trying to collect about 90% of all JC charms that have been created. I know I have around 500 to go!

    5.) I have a serious weakness for these as I have wanted a charm bracelet since I was about 10 (now I’m 33). Once I found out about these, I thought they were adorable and had to start collecting. My mom had a charm bracelet a long time ago and I thought it was a great idea. When I saw these online, I was reminded of an old desire to own something that expressed a bit about me just by looking at my bracelet. By far Juicy has taken a beautiful expression of self and added a 3D element and a sense of humor! I also have purchased a bracelet for my mom and charms of her own. She loves them!

  4. 1) 9 charms
    2)chocolate covered strawberry
    4) The ballet slippers charm would be my biggest wish.
    5)I try to only get charms that have very significant meanings for me. I usually get one for Christmas, one for my birthday, and a few extra special ones in between. I have the 2011 class ring, carriage, pink heart with crown on front, silver crown, 2011 bow and arrow , 2010 snowflake, 2009 hot chocolate, 2008 stocking, and the chocolate covered strawberry.

    • Hi Caroline, nice to meet you! LOL I used to get charms only with significant meaning and then I just started to get them just because. You may be able to still find the ballet slippers charm at the retail price. It’s a very cute charm.

      • Yeah, I started off at first telling myself I would only buy the charms that meant something to me, and now 4 months later I’m totally addicted and need to collect just about all of them!

  5. 1) 39. Last charms purchased: Bride and Groom

    2) Cotton candy machine, hummingbird, rainbow

    3) November 2010

    4) Yorkie in bathtub is the first charm that springs to mind. Would love the pave grasshopper too, and the 2010 LE chocolate easter bunny. Trust me, this list could go on and on forever…

    5) I’m going to the USA in 3 weeks and can’t wait to buy some charms in person – I’ve only ever ordered them online because they’re not available here in New Zealand. Planning on getting the red white and blue hat charm – would be the perfect souvenir from my trip. Juicy charms sure are my weakness, and like Vivianna I hope to have them all one day! By the way, I’m 26.

    • Hi Rhiannon! I hope you get a lot of charms during your trip, by the time you come the newest charms will be in store 🙂

  6. 1) How many charms you have in your collection.
    88 charms; last charm(s) received as a gift that i wanted so bad : the lt. ed. bride and groom from my fiancee, b/c we recently got engaged in February 2011 (meaningful charm to the both of us!)

    My Fav charms 2011 *Bride and Groom* the ’08 hourglass, the ’10 pave maple leaves, ’11 climbing cat, the tambourine

    3) When you began your collection.

    soo many on my wish list…. the tiara in the glass case ** the snow globe (aloha)** the pink vanity/jewelry box and the 08 lt. ed. purple engagement ring and so many more….

    I love to collect many things, but Juicy Couture charms have to be my favorite collection~ i get excited when new charms come out and especially when there is one that has a special meaning or significance to me, or are just adorably a must have! eBay is a site i go on regularly to try to spot any good deals on old charms that aren’t available through stores any more… I even have my fiancee excited over juicy charms as well!!

    • That’s sweet your finance got you the bride & groom charm! Do you have the engagement ring charm too? I’m like you, I want a lot of the rare charms that cost a lot of money now.. 🙂

      • exactly! i wish i could get them for a reasonable amount of $$ ! lol but i doubt that… cuz eBay is the only place i find those rare charms and they usually go for sooo much …. i have the 2 engagement ring charms, the one with the square and the round stones (both clear) but i want the Lilac limited edition charm so bad!

  7. 1) 51 Charms
    2) Fav Charm: Teacup and Teapot
    3) 2008, recently I’ve been buying more charms.
    4) too many to choose from. I want the snowglobe and the sled. I wish I could get more of the originals
    5) Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to get all the animals charms that came out so far. So cute. Exotic!

  8. 1) 25 Charms

    2) I really like my apple charm. hope the stones don’t fall out!

    3) 2009

    4) Since the older charms are too expensive I just want to collect the charms coming out in the future

    5) Can you do something on how to wear the charms different ways?

    • Krystal –
      In response to your #5 question – I’ve seen people put there charms on zipper pulls (for clothes and purses), on belts, and scarves. I personally have stopped wearing them and just decided to display them hanging from ribbons or fishing line (haven’t decided on which yet) from the ceiling. I’m going to have to build a support system for my display idea, so it’s a work in progress, but I’m excited about it.

    • Another good way to tell real and fake juicy apart- real juicy pave crystals stay in soooo well. my fake earrings lost a lot of jewels in just a few months

  9. 1) 70 Charms

    2) My Fav Charms : Blowfish,Gingerbread house,Chinese takeout box and Penguin

    3)Started in 2010,the first charm I purchased: Russian Nesting doll

    4)I really wish Pinata,Jack-O-Lantern and Fortune cookie (I love so much chinese food!!)

    5)For me is very hard to have Juicy Charms,because I live in Italy and here there aren’t Juicy stores…sigh! I can buy them only online. I’m really happy to have found this wonderful site to share with other collectors who love like me Juicy charms!!!

    • Hi Daniela, thank you for sharing! Side note, I would like the Pinata (my sorority colors) and Jack-o-latern charm (Halloween charm are my favorite holiday themed charms).. The thing is, I didn’t buy them when I could have at the retail price. If you want to see anything on this site, please let me know!

  10. 1) I have about 75 JC charms
    2)My faves are the pink boxing glove, the bee-hive, the polaroid camera, teepee banana split
    3)2007 when I met my husband
    4)I would like to add the baseball glove, mousetrap, Russian nesting doll, lucky cat, chinese takeout, turkey in roasting pan & both rubber duckies
    5)My husband & I got married in April of this year so I of course had to have the bride & groom charm set. Juicy Couture charms remind me of when I was a little girl & my daddy took me to the fair & I got to pick out one of those 80s plastic charm know the ones with the little bell attached to every charm. I had so many & even had a belt/necklace in rainbow colored links to put them on. I would still have it had it not sadly been stolen. But once I became a ‘big girl’ & saw the JC charms it brought back that feeling of my first ‘charm’ necklace. I really wish they would come out with a train, train cars and a caboose..maybe separately so that you could collect them. I LOVE JUICY COUTURE especially their charms! As long as they are making them, I will be collecting them.

    • I totally haven’t thought of those plastic charms in forever! I used to have those too, they were so cute.
      Congrats on your recent marriage!

  11. 1) 18 charms

    2) My fav charm, if I had to pick would be the Ice Cream Sunday charm

    3) 2010

    4) Gosh where do I begin….almost every charm that Juicy produced lol, at the moment I really really want the cupcake in a box that I saw at Boomingdale’s website recently, unfortunately they ship to all other except mine, I live in Kota Kinabalu, The Land Below The Wind, Malaysia’s Borneo 😦

    5) I hope to locate a good website that I can purchase from, sometimes buying from eBay if very risky.

  12. 1. I have 20 charms (21 is in the mail- the tiara in a glass box)
    2. my favorite is the little teddy bear, and my pinata
    3. My collection began in 2008- A 2yr aniversary present from my hubby. Started with the Love, Luck, Couture bracelet, pinata, teddy bear, chocolate covered strawberry, hourglass, lovebirds on a heart, and look book charms.
    4. wish list includes yorkie on a snowboard, easy bake oven ( i never had one as a kid and always wanted one), kangaroo, fall leaves, snowflake, yorkie bubble bath, pink gumball machine, mouse in cheese, igloo, penguin…
    5. Yes my bracelet is gold, but i wear silver and gold charms on it cuz im bad and i do what i want, lol

  13. I’ve already posted here but my collection has changed so much since then so consider this a revision of my original post. Hope that’s ok.

    1) How many charms you have in your collection. 97

    2) Your favorite Charm(s). Yorkie in bath tub, second wedding cake, peacock

    3) When you began your collection. November 2010

    4) Your wish list. Some of the new ones would be nice, like the french fries and the house….will wait till they go on sale though 🙂

    5) Anything you want to add. Viva La Juicy…Charms!

  14. 1) 16
    2) jeweled chocolate candy filled heart
    3) christmas 2010
    4) the igloo and swan prince
    5) thanks for this great site! it’s a great resource and you are a nice gal!

  15. Hey there! 🙂
    1) 4 – the limited edition autumn leaves, script pearl, circus lion in a cage and martini glass

    2) Your favorite Charm(s).
    the autumn leaves and cicus lion 🙂

    3) When you began your collection
    2weeks ago

    4) Your wish list.
    passport, bubblegum machine, clover, cupcake box, carriage, painters pallet.

    5) Anything you want to add.
    i live in malaysia so the charms here are very expensive(about 90 – 110 usd each!). i want to expand my collection but i can only afford to buy charms when they are on sale (45 – 70 usd each) 😦 however, while searching through your website, i found revolveclothing, a website that will ship internationally for free and maintain the original juicy charm prices 😀 for that, i have to thank you! 🙂

    p.s. your collection really amazes me! i cant wait to see each and every one of them in pics! 🙂

  16. 1) How many charms you have in your collection. 12, including a really nice skull with a mohawk that was sold as a man’s necklace
    2) Your favorite Charm(s). Vampire lips
    3) When you began your collection. I don’t remember but it was probably about 5 or 6 years ago.
    4) Your wish list. The blue owl that;’s coming out soon
    5) Anything you want to add. I only collect the Halloween charms… Spooky!

  17. 1.) 31 charms
    2.) Passport, hummingbird, toaster, and 2011 jack-o-lantern
    3.) July 2011 (2months ago)
    4.) Cupcake oven, Vampire lips, Holiday Ham, Autumn leaves, chocolate bunny, school bus, jack in the box, retro tv, chineese takeout box, sewing machine, lighthouse (I could go on 4ever)
    5.) I love your site

  18. 1.Almost 600 charms
    2. Favorites: All Holiday….All Food related
    Least Favs: Flowers/ Birds
    3.Early 2005 ( I bought the first charm issued at the Vegas Store)
    4. Wish List: World Globe,& Baseball Bat
    5. Fantastic job on this Blog. It is the best one I have visited. Lots of information and lots of fun clicking around on all your interesting sub sections. You have a real knack for this! You present all the information in a great way. Always informative and very sweet. Keep posting!! Your pictures are great too!

    • Thank you for your kind words! And WOW!! 600 charms?! You hold the charm holy grail! You probably have charms people would pay hundreds of dollars to have. I would love to see your collection!!! Thank you again and if there’s anything you would love to see on this site, please let me know! Krissy

  19. About 150+ charms to date. Just got the new pineapple charm and to be honest with you, because of the great faceting on the charm, it is really a very nice charm despite my trepidations and concerns voiced elsewhere here. It is very sparkly and the colors pop because of the faceting. So now I am more open to the new charms if the other gemstone ones sparkle like this one!!!

    Just a footnote to all Krissy fans!!! The Perfect Pralines are just scrumptious!!! Never in my life have I eaten such delicious melt-in-your-mouth pralines as these are!!! Bravo to Krissy and her father!!! They found a winning recipe for the BEST pralines ever!!!

    Always – Dee

  20. Hi there!

    1) 15 charms to date with another 4 on their way thanks to the JC 40% sale and international shipping – yay!

    2) Fav would be my 05 Gold Crown Ball. I never see them anywhere…

    3) Began in 2005 when I went to the US for the first time and stumbled across them in Macy’s in NYC and fell in lurve! I bought the gold ball, the knight and the fire hydrant and the bracelet. I don’t have as many charms as I would like but I collect other JC as well like gumball machine. money boxes, monopoly etc and at the grand age of 33yrs, I received Barbies for Christmas – my husband thinks I am embarrassing… I have a whole display cabinet of pink!

    4) So many on the wishlist! The beehive is a top one though.

    5) My New Years resolution – buy more charms! I am going to try keep up with one per month. Just need to find sellers with reasonable shipping to Australia..

    Love this site and so pleased to hear from other collectors who share the same passion. Thank you!

    • Hi! And thank you for sharing. You have some of the great rare charms 🙂 Keep collecting, my collectors tip is to buy on sale about 90% of the time. Juicy has a cycle where they release a charm and about 2-3 months after, it goes on sale and sometimes a percentage off the sale.

  21. 1) How many charms..20
    2) Favorite charm..LE 2011 Box of Chocolate Charm
    3) When collection began..Aug 2011
    4) My wishlist…blowfish, lucky cat, nesting doll pave t shirt
    5) Now that my collection is growing, I can start wearing my charms in exciting!!

    • Hey! Excellent choice on the Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates Charm! One of my favorite charms! And it is exciting to wear your charms in themes. Before I would just wear any charms on my bracelet but when I was collecting themed charms, that made me more excited to wear them. Plus they are great convo starters… (I love to talk so it give me something to talk about 😉 ) Happy Charm Shopping!

  22. 1) How many? Like the exact number? 200+ and another 3 are en route.

    2) My favorite is the Pink London Taxi Cab, the Pink/Silver Shield & Adorable Pink Poodle!!!

    3) Started around May 2011

    4) My wishlist is the Yellow Globe, The Reindeer (the only one missing in my Xmas collection), the Baby Doe, either Pink or Blue Duck and the vintage Picnic Basket.

    5) I really hope that Juicy Couture can maintain the type of integrity & design of their charms and not compromise their line of jewelry just because they’ve run out of new ideas. After all, the public can find and buy all kinds of mediocre charms elsewhere for much cheaper prices, so why even go there. I also hope that G&P remember that Pacoima certainly wasn’t Encino and IS STILL FAR FROM BEVERLY HILLS!!! I urge them to remember their own roots and make Juicy Couture available to EVERY pocketbook size even with Liz Claiborne in charge!!! Peace out!!!

    • Wow Dee, I didn’t realize you never posted on this page! I can’t believe you have 200+ charms in less than one year…very impressive! and semi-jealous too 😉

      • Oh, don’t be!!! I’m now re-selling a lot of duplicates of some of the same charms because I wasn’t paying enough attention to my purchases and my received packages. I would just open a package, make sure they were in perfect condition (or not) and then putting them away in new storage bins I bought. Then I’d be looking at them occasionally and discover that I even had 3 of one of kind and after I found out that only one of my daughters really likes them, there’s no excuse to have more than 2 of them at a time – LOL!!! I’m generally a shopaholic anyway and I don’t advise ANYONE to get addicted to anything! I’m also older so it’s not like I need to save for my future any longer. I think people should be well-established with their own car, house, and a good wardrobe of clothes that are necessities before they go “CRAZY” like I did. I think eBay auctions are like gambling, too, so that’s the thrill you get when you happen to win a bid. Like everything else, moderation is the key and while I enjoy buying Juicy Couture charms, bags and tracksuits, our family also remember our favorite charities – St. Labre & St. Joseph’s Native American Schools, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, ASPCA, United to End Genocide (Save Darfur Coalition), Habitat for Humanity (9th Ward Louisiana especially), UNICEF and others who come our way. I think that’s why my great karma has allowed me to indulge myself once in a while because our family likes to remember to pay it forward whenever we can. Children in every part of our country SHOULD NOT be hungry and children in Africa should ALWAYS have fresh water to drink!!! Otherwise, how can the rest of us truly enjoy our lives knowing that other people are out there suffering?!!! And may Michael and Whitney be singing duets RIGHT NOW while we enjoy our Juicy Couture!!!

  23. 1) 9

    2) Yorkie Devil charm. I had bought a devil costume for my little black dog who happend to die 10 days before Halloween 😦 so it reminds me of him.

    3) When you began your collection.

    4) Your wish list.
    As many of the parrots I can get, kiwi, and some nice silver ones -buddy, birdie, tea cup

    5) Anything you want to add.
    I am wondering if the JC gold pretzel is real or they never made one?
    Wish the charms were not as expensive.

    • Welcome to the Juicy Couture Charm World!! For the pretzel charm, yes it is real from 2010. For the charms that are on your wish list, you and find real charms on ebay. Just keep sending me the links and I will let you know! Krissy

  24. I have the Yorkie Dog in a Devil’s Costume, too. So very sad to hear that your Little Doggy died. Was it of natural causes or ??? I have two myself and they have literally become like my children, no lie! I never owned dogs before and could use some wisdom from time to time as a new owner. Write me if you have any good advice to prevent illness or disease to I’d appreciate any insights you have from your experience.

    I also think that Juicy Couture charms should be financially accessible to all!!! After all, G&P come from Pacoima, CA which was a lower-middle class community at best, some people being on welfare and property values very low because of the economic strata that lived there, although it’s ALL GOOD!!! But so are we!!! I hope they remember their roots and that they’re more like the common people than they are the Liz Clairbornes of the world!!!

  25. DeeYama,
    My doggie got adopted at age 8 and got the best life ever after that He was saved 2x from a huge 6lbs liver tumor but unfortunately it kept comming back. He left me after almost 8 more years of love. As far as advice- feed them good food w/o artificial stuff or colorants.
    Ahhh, about JC stuff now. I just got the charm catcher necklace 🙂
    I’m looking forward to Krissy’s list of legit ebay sellers. I’ve bought several items lately and quite happy. Still, I also look for sales the juicy site, and the other ones listed.

    • Hey Ivanka,
      I am mostly going to post another article on how to spot fake charms and do more picture comparisons and list sellers who I have purchased charms from in the past. There are far too many sellers on ebay who sell charms and they can easily change their name, if I call them out on the website.

  26. Oh, my favorite charm- I don’t yet have the yorkie devil one. I just like it the most because it reminds me of him and that red costume I got him that he never got to wear cause he died 10 days before Halloween 😦 So, I’ve been looking to get that charm to own it. If anyone is selling one…

  27. 1) 68

    2) Chihuahua (looks like my baby!), cupcake box, dream house

    3) 2008

    4) Bride & Groom, 2011 chocolate box, slot machine (all Vegas themed ones!)

    5) love this site, totally inspires me to collect more, great reference point. My next vacation I’m trolling ebay day in day out for the best charm deals. For some people they have to go away for it to be a true vacation, but that is my paradise!

  28. Oh Hi Ivanka!!! Didn’t see your note to me ’til recently! I am so sorry you lost your precious dog to cancer. I mean it’s truly amazing that he even was able to live that long because some dogs only live for 13-14 years, I thought. He must have had some really great, great care from you so God bless you for that!!! St. Francis must have been looking over him while he was in your care, or Buddha, or someone with divine powers!!! I think you’re totally right about food dyes now that you mentioned it. I bet you some of my dogs’ snacks might contain toxic food dye, so thank you for telling me about that because all these chemicals in our foods are just toxic chemicals we fill our stomachs with (as well as the dogs’) so no wonder so many people come down with cancer and don’t even smoke!!! So glad that you were able to be with your dog for such a long time though. You were truly blessed!!!
    And now back to Juicy Couture!!!
    I agree totally with you for wanting to get a list of good eBay sellers. I do think however, that because Krissy might get some negative backlash from a few NASTY (yes, I mean NASTY) eBay sellers who won’t make the list, I do think she should try to avoid the type of controversies I’ve seen or heard about by some fellow eBayers who are just on eBay to provide honest offerings without those that are trying to “scam” or make a quick buck by ripping people off. I mean these unscrupulous folks are far and rare, but they are around, so I think maybe some issues could be better served by private e-mailing so that Krissy’s Corner will not become an easy target. It’s just too fun, whimsical and very enjoyable that I just want it to stay that way!!!
    I’m also looking forward to being able to talk to other people on this site, too, as I’d love to hear what people do with their charms once they get them because I mainly only store them and look at them from time to time. I do wear a few of them, but often just put them back in their boxes and don’t often wear them out!!! What a chicken, huh!!! The ones I do wear out though, get noticed right away while I’m waiting in line or even when I was at the Staple Center recently!!! One of the security people started talking to me about my JC handbag AND my necklace with the Cherry charm on it!!! I was really surprised as who would even think about that while working a security line, you know?!!! But I was very flattered as she really seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about JC so it was a very pleasant conversation!!! I guess you just never know when you find another JC admirer in a crowd – even when MJ was the focus!!!
    I was wondering why you thought the Yorkie in the Devil Costume reminded you of your dog versus any of the other ones? I will consider selling you mine, so write me sometime at DeniseYama on eBay, okay?

  29. Hi DeeYama,
    The devil charm reminded him of him becauase I had bought him a devil Halloween costume that yaer to dress him up in. But, he died on October 21 (days before Halloween) and never got to be my little devil that year. The year before, he was dressed as a little tool man 😦 I put all of his outfits (he had many) in a little box to keep. He appeared to me after having crossed over and said “I’m here for you mommy…” I emailed you but here fyi is my email

    JC Q for everyone- do you think having a bracelet that has both silver and gold (there is one I found) colors be good for putting on gold+silver charms or do you stick to silver charm on silver bracelet and gold on gold?

    I try to buy what I consider “functional charms” Those that can easily be work on either a necklace or bracelet w/o them being too huge or fragile. Last one I just ordered is the pineapple one. Oh, and the charm catcher necklace although I really, really wish the chain was thicker not so think like a string. What you’all think?

  30. Hi again! I think the trend changed about three years ago wherein people were “allowed” to mix their metals, so I’ve been mixing mine ever since I saw that in some fashion magazine I don’t recall any longer. I think these days EVERYTHING goes as you notice the trend is NOT to be so matchy-matchy in clothes although for me that one’s hard to break. It’s harder for me to figure out what clashing colors go together – LOL!!! Also, there are heavier chains with larger charm hoops for them and I have one of each silver and gold colors, so I’ve covered myself pretty well. I got both of them on eBay but it just depends on how much you wanna spend on this stuff as the JC one is basic, but still a very pretty necklace to wear. You can always return the item to JC for a refund as if you’re really not happy with what you got, I certainly would return it!!!
    I will write you at your e-mail address – thanks for that!!!
    Wow!!! You really loved your dog so much, I can really tell. One day maybe you can adopt another dog so that you can shower the love and care you have for dogs on a new friend. I’m sure there are many dogs that could benefit from your love and care and I’d hate to see it go to waste with sad memories of your beloved departed although of course it takes time to get over your loss. But I’m sure your departed dog wants only the best for you and wants you to live in joyfulness once again when you can, so please keep that in mind!!!

  31. Wow, are there charm catcher necklace long ones that are thicker? I’m going to look for those. I have a necklace (a starter one ) but it’s not long.
    DeeYama, I do have another dog and kitty. BIt that one was my little guy. We had the same bday too. Tx

    Is anyone mixing their charms? I thought that maybe on a bracelet that has both silver and gold it may not be as silly looking.

  32. I feel the focus isn’t gold or silver, as the charm itself is usually more dominant and no one is paying attention to anything but the cute detailed charm! Alot of them are enamel and the gold or silver is sort of background.
    I’m more about themes! Who cares if it’s silver or gold? I have a silver charm catcher with small ring and it’s adjustable so I use that one more. My gold one is a long chain with the open hook but it hangs so low it often bumps on things.

  33. Thanks Emily. So, you’re using themed charms regardless of gold/silver color right? How many do you usually put on your bracelet/necklace at a time?

  34. Hi there! I did look for you at eBay, but it appears that they’re not selling those larger hoop charm necklaces from Juicy Couture any longer. I will, however, let you know if I run across them again. That’s a shame because yes, they are not only longer but have sturdier chains and larger hoops. I do recall that they weren’t a lot of them on sale at the time though. Probably an item sold in other countries like Canada or England. I do think if you want to customize something with a private jeweler, that’s a good possibility as well as long as it doesn’t cost that much. I’d check that out if I were you as there probably are not very many of those types of necklaces out there any more. 😦 😦 😦
    Your letters went to my “spam” folder so that’s why I didn’t really see it as I go through my e-mail so quickly as I get so much stuff, it’s ridiculous!!! I started a letter, so I will write back soon.
    I can see now that you had a really close and unique bond with your Little Black Doggy, so I can see how nothing else will equal that. I don’t want to cry again, so I will not say any more other than I am sure he is very happy doing his doggy tricks in Doggy Heaven!!! Until you see him again!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 [Of course, not too soon!!!]

  35. Would it be too tacky to use a different not a JC long chain necklace to put my charms on? I think I’d keep the one catcher I got because my husband just complimented it yeasterday 😉 I was thinking of using the ring catcher to put on the other necklace (it is really cute and the same color as the juicy ones) and put the charms on it. Unfortunately the loops on the necklace are just big enough to get a charm in as well. What you think?

    • I don’t think it’s tacky at all. As for mixing silver with gold, I do it. However I don’t care about mixing tones, some people find it a faux pas 😉

  36. Thanks Krissy. I mean I care more about the charms than the necklace so why not use it right? And to brag to you all, today I got my very first JC jewelry box to store my little treasures 🙂 And got the pineapple little charm. It’s kind of delicate and I think I’ll put it on a necklace rather than a bracelet because it is not two sided. Yeee!

    • I have two boxes… they’re stunning aren’t they?!
      I started making jewelry boxes from these clear trays at the container store. The compatments are 3×9 and I measure out the squares and line it with the cute pink and black tissue they send with their online orders. When done you can see the whole image of tissue across the whole box, but each is cut into individual squares… hard to explain and wish I could send a picture!
      The boxes are $10 so its a great cheap storage option and can fit more than 27 charms per tray!

  37. I think a good way to finally put this question to rest is that I just received my new N-Love Juicy Boxed Necklace in Silver, YJRU3588. On it, it has a large silver heart with the Double Scotty stamp on it that has right next to it a tiny gold bow charm with a tiny crystal on it on the same silver chain. The iconic “Juicy” in script on the next chain above is written in silver but has a gold-setting pearl charm right beside the silver letters. On the last and shortest chain are 6 crystals spaced about 1/4″ from each other in gold on a GOLD chain. So I think if G&P decided that metallic colors could go together on one necklace, I say, ‘Sure, why not?’ After all, we do live in America, don’t we?!!! Amen to that!!!

  38. Hi Ivanka! Yes, alll about the themes right now! Went for breakfast the other day and wore my pancakes, donuts and frappe. Had a big snowfall (I live in Canada) and i wore my mitten, snowboard and googles. I even started a “Future wish list” collection of charms of things I’ve asked the universe for (house, bride and groom, suitecase for a man who loves to travel, pancakes cause he’ll bring me breakfast in bed, the cozy fire palce with three stockings for our family Christmas mornings…)
    To touch on the gold charm catcher necklace (last row, first from the left ) I did purchase it at outlet, in the States about a year or so ago. It’s too long though. And sometimes the catch opens too easily.
    I like the new ones on the Juicy site right now with the small ring because it is adjustable and has that slider bead at the necklace attatchment so it can literally be any length to hit where the neckline on your shirt is or doesn’t get in the way. I often do the necklace (I work retail merchandising… too many opportunities to bag them around on a bracelet).
    Oh, and I just passed the 100 charm mark! Yaaaay! (winter leaves a lot of indoor time for ebay-ing *embarrassed*)

    • HAHA Emily, I am the same way! I think I posted about my Future Wish list. Mine includes the engagement ring, the house, roses, bride & groom, etc 😉

  39. 1) How many charms you have in your collection.
    25 + 5 on their way!

    2) Your favorite Charm(s).
    Bouquet of red roses, grand piano, love letter, mailbox, love birds

    3) When you began your collection.
    First charm (I don’t remember if it was the love birds or mailbox charm) was purchased back in 2008 but major addition started January 2012.

    4) Your wish list.
    The list is endless…really want the eye shadow box, atomizer, bubble gumball machine, (All these I could have gotten back in the days at so much better price than today!!! Full of regrets) bunny (2006), jack in the box.

    5) Anything you want to add.
    Love your site! Maybe it’s time to get an update picture of all your charms, Krissy 🙂

    • Hi JT!!! Nice to meet you!
      Thank you for sharing and I totally understand about being able to purchase charms in the past now they are expensive. You actually have some charms I want in my collection like the love letter AND the mailbox. I had those charms but I took them back because I was strapped for cash.
      And more pictures are coming, I will soon do a youtube video :-0 of my collection!

  40. 1) How many charms you have in your collection.
    7 so far (Greyhound, Crystal Ball, Silver Pave Crystal bow, pave strawberry dipped in whipped cream, blue juicy shield, Stop for Style Stoplight, Yorkie in Bathtub)
    I also have two charm bracelets (gold bow with juicy heart) and gunmetal pave heart with J charm).

    2) Your favorite Charm(s).
    Greyhound in Trench Coat, Silver “Love” Crystal Ball

    3) When you began your collection. 2012

    4) Your wish list.
    Corset/bustier, pink carriage, banjo (my dad plays banjo), cherry pie (all the women in my family bake pies from scratch), carousel

    5) Anything you want to add.
    I started this collection as a motivator/reward for myself. I’ve been adding a charm to my collection for every ten pounds I’ve lost (over 42 so far–so some of the charms are “on hold” in my collection).

    • Hey Katie! Thank you for posting and nice meeting you!
      I like that idea of a charm for each 10 pounds! If you ever have any questions about where to get charms, authenticity, pricing so forth, just let me know!! Email is a good way to communicate 😉

  41. Excited for two new charms on their way to me!

    I love the zoo, so I’ve started a theme with the ostrich/egg charm and I also got the bakery box with cupcakes.Planning to celebrate the end of the semester in 6 weeks with another trip to the Juicy outlet store–my secret weapon for collecting. 😉

  42. 1) 29 (4 are en route)

    2) Hmm, tough one…if I had to pick my favorite that I have so far it would be the fairy 🙂

    3) August 2011

    4) This is a big list, so I will just list some of my top favorites that I would like to collect: dolphin, pink dice, lucky cat, jack in the box, globe, ferris wheel, candy corn, unicorn and the mannequin

    5) You have such a great blog site Krissy! It is so comprehensive and full of wonderful information about JC charms. Thank you for all of the valuable information and keep up the great work! 🙂

  43. Hi All! Just wanted to post an update here. I am now up to 44 charms as of today! 🙂 I just purchased the dolphin charm through a trusted eBay seller (I’ve been watching this one for a while until I could save up the $$). I have purchased some of the older charms and some of the newest ones as well (beach bag, flip flop, bike, tropical flower, balloon and lemon). The beach bag is my favorite one of the new charms released. The pink heart-shaped sunglasses hang down on the outside of the bag. The pink towel on the inside is rolled up and feels soft like a real towel — very realistic! 😀

  44. New Juicy purchases today:
    Hummingbird in orange tones (wings move!)
    Pink Twinpop
    and replaced my damaged Greyhound (May use the old one as a purse fob, or may pass him off to another collector who doesn’t mind the chipped foot).
    And super cute new bracelet in gold (links seperated by flat hearts, removable gold disc charm engraved with Juicy Couture.) The charm is awesome because it is small and a great spacer charm between two larger charms.
    I would have bought more, but they didn’t have as big as a selection as I hoped.

  45. 1. 15 charms
    2. My favorite is the planet because I love astronomy – anything about planets and galaxies.
    3. Greatly motivated to collect 2 months ago after watching Krissy’s video for the first time.
    4. My dream charms at the moment that I would like to purchase one day are the genie head, the flower basket (the really chunky one) and the limited edition heart chocolate box (not the pink one; the gold one with the glass cover). I believe Krissy has all of these! Oh, and ofcourse, the limited edition snowflake with the gold clasp which is really hard to find at the moment and becoming more expensive as we speak.
    5. I would like to buy a cupcake stand one day so I can display my chrams similar to yours Krissy – I thought they looked very pretty displayed that way and I love how you can spin it around for easy access. I wish we had Juicy Couture Outlets here in Australia. Majority of my collection came from ebay in the U.S and I make sure I get it from top-rated sellers. I am more attracted with the chunky charms because you can wear them on their own and they grab other people’s attention straight away. And as a collector, I personally like looking at the bigger charms because I am happy just collecting them, I don’t necessarily have to wear them unless the attire call for it 🙂

    • Hi Bella!
      Thank you for sharing! The Flower Basket is a recent charm I ordered about 2 months ago from ebay
      I made the cupcake tower myself! I am actually going to make another one soon with better craftsmanship. Here’s the link of how I made it Here. And same here with the chunky charms, I have them to look at, not to wear anymore 😉

  46. Hi Krissy!
    I am getting my limited ed. heart chocolate box tomorrow!!! That’s one dream charm ticked off the wish list!!! Such a lucky lucky coincidence…I’m starting to think it was really meant for me. I saw this ad on a local trading post in my country for a juicy bracelet along with 3 charms purchased in the States – the statue of liberty, the pink popsicle and the chocolate heart box! I asked if I could purchase the limited ed. chocolate heart box alone and luckily she said yes!! Of all the places and of all the charms.. We were meant to be :))

    • Those are the best charm moments!!! I know collecting outside the US is a bit harder, I am glad you were able to finally get one of my favorite charms 🙂

  47. 1) I currently have 19 charms in my collection. I am so excited!! I just got the Bride and Groom LE charm yesterday and the Statue of Liberty Charm today!
    2) My fave charms from my collection so far are the LE Bride and Groom, the Statue of Liberty, and the Mousetrap.
    3) I started collecting on May 23,2012. I had been looking at them for a while. Then one day I stumbled across your site while searching and I just had to buy some after looking at all of your exciting posts. :0)
    4) My wish list would include (so far) the Chinese Takeout, the Pink Popsicle, Jack In the Box, Birthday Cake, and Dog Carrier. There are just sooooo many cute ones. I could go on, but I really like those.
    5) I have been all over the web looking at Juicy Couture Charms and I came across a neat idea for displaying charms.
    If you look under the blog link, she has a pick of how she hung display boxes on the wall to store her JC charms. I thought it looked really cute, so I went out and bought a shadow box with a hinged door hoping to do the same with mine. :0)

    • Hi! Thank you for sharing with me and the group!
      If you ever have questions about collecting or wondering if a charm is real, just email me at for a speedy response.
      And thanks for sending that link to me, I will share with everyone, I like the way those charms are displayed!

  48. Thanks Krissy! :0)
    I just got two more charms and am working on my display box. I am addicted! I need to slow down though or I am going to be broke! LOL.

  49. Juicy Couture is having a great sale. Just ordered two more charms and am now at 27. There is nothing as exciting as opening a new charm box. :0)

  50. 1) 14 charms to date (8/2/2012)
    2) Favorites: pink teapot, fairy, pink daydreamer purse
    3) Started collecting June 2012
    4) Top of Wish List: fireplace mantle, pave pumpkin, knight, Chinese take out
    5) Thank you, Krissy, for this inclusive, easy-to-follow guide for all of us. With no Juicy Couture outlet or store within 100+ miles, I depend on e-bay for my finds; and what I look for comes from your annual photos.

  51. I HAVE 200 + CHARMS

  52. I love your website. I am new to Juicy and I have only started to collect the charms around Thanksgiving of 2012. My best friend got me into it and I was like how did I not know and why did it take me so long to get into Juicy. I have 19 charms some old and some new I love all of them so much. I try to buy a charm or 2 every month. Your website is so helpful and you have so much info that reall helps. I also see all the charms that I need to get and the websites that you have on here have helped me find the ones I want. Thank You!

    • No Problem! Thank you for the compliment! If you have any questions about anything, just let me know!

  53. I love your website. It is very informative. I only have 2 Juicy Couture charms, but I enjoy looking at all the charms.
    I probably started collecting in 2008, but I am not sure. I have the Kangaroo charm and the broken heart charm.
    What I wanted to comment on is that, at first, I didn’t know where to put my charms, so I hung them from a necklace,
    but now, I’ve officially decided to have a fabric handbag with D-rings sewn onto it, and to hang my charms there.
    It’s like a fun hobby for me, and I am almost 60 years old!

  54. Hey I love your site I have just started collecting and wanted to expand it with some older ones. Can you please have a place where we can trade charms? This would be awesome! I would like to trade with other collectors because I know they take care of their older charms. PLMK what you think!

  55. 1) 25 charms currently
    2) Favorite(s) change with acquisitions & seasons. Especially love the fairy charm & the pink princess carriage.
    3) Started collecting June 2012
    4) Current Wish List includes Red/White/Blue Snow Cone & Black Witch’s Hat
    5) Charm bracelets are like photo albums, each holding a special memory to be enjoyed

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