More New Charms!

More 2013 charms! I just love how the quality of the charms are back up to the usual Juicy Couture standards. The 2013 charms are better quality, fun, random, and a nice array of charms to add to your collection.  I love the Easter Basket and the Can of Tennis Balls. I don’t play tennis but I surly need this charm!  Too bad there isn’t a St. Patty’s Day Charm, wear your green charms this weekend!

This Weekend, Charms are 30% off! Full Price and Sale!

pagoda_13 lovebug_13 tennisballs_13 coconutwater_13 easterbasket_13LE


Charms for Sale

Interested in adding more charms to your collection? Who isn’t right? What about charms that are hard to come by?

A Charmer has sent me a list of charms she is selling. If you are interested, email me and I will send you her email address for more communication.

Limited Edition

2009 (produced for 2010) Heart Spinner (3630) $62 NB

2010 Prom Queen bouquet (3820) RRP $62

2010 Teddy bear Christmas tree (4354) $62

2011 Prom limo (4866) RRP $62

2011 Hot Chocolate (5337) RRP $58

2011 Pave snowman (5338)RRP $62


Pink/blue enamel gold key (0221) NB [slightly tarnished, due to age. Received this way from eBay] $48

Boudoir teal enamel gold slide (0435) NB $52


Blue skirt with bow detail, “Choose Juicy” on back (1462) NB $48


Script pearl (2658) NB $42

“Prep School Riot” heart (number unknown) NB [slightly tarnished, due to age.] $42


Crown with pearl in silver (2481) RRP $52 [worn, no scratches or discrepancies]

Princess carriage (2486) RRP $62

Mouse in cheese wedge (3175) RRP $48

Ice Cream Cone in silver (3245) RRP $35

Cheerleading Cheer Megaphone (3243) RRP $35

Laptop (3739) RRP $58


Pave Snail (3866) NB $58

Yorkie in Airplane (4255) RRP $52

Taffy (4259) RRP $42 [clear plastic slightly rubbed, received this way from eBay, due in part to age of item and bein pre-owned by previous owner]

Boom Box in orange (4269) RRP $52

Pave star (4314) RRP $58

Can of Couture soda (4318) RRP $42

Cotton Candy Cart (4681) RRP $52 [worn, small chip of enamel missing from one wheel on cart]


Pave Big Apple (4696) RRP $58

Alarm Clock (4736) RRP $48

Kiwi (4959) RRP $42

Robin (5142) RRP $57

iPad tablet (5339) RRP $52

Pegasus (5340) RRP $52

MP3 Player (5391) RRP $52

Green pave heart w. banner (5392) RRP $52

Dagger (5395) RRP $32

Pineapple (5439) RRP $48

Pear (5440) RRP $48

Parrot (5441) RRP $42


Bicycle (5589) RRP $58

Suntan Lotion (5711) RRP $48 [slight scratch on label, was sold to me at Juicy store this way]

Surfboard (5776) RRP $48

Angel Fish (5777) RRP $52

What’s new in your collection?

So far, there have been some great 2013 charms released.  I love the Juicy Hat and the Circus Elephant.  The Circus Elephant makes me wish I purchased the circus themed charms a couple years ago….Well, I’ll buy this one!

circuselephant_13 pavesun_13 YJRU6433_710_main pavesnake_13

Have you checked this charm out? An Easter Bunny in a basket?! How freakin’ adorable is this!?!? Don’t you remember getting up early Easter Morning, searching for colored eggs, and eating all the pastel colored candies? Well I do.  Perfect charm for Easter!



What’s been going on in my corner? Yes I have been MIA for a while. Yes I feel awful! Yes I’ve been responding to emails from my fellow charmers so I am still here!  I’ve been in a tough spot with this blog.   Until 5 months ago, it was hard to keep up with the Charm Spirit because I really couldn’t afford to buy any new charms. So my charm spirit died down. Then I started working again, I purchased so many charms, I felt like I was missing out on months of purchases.  My void wasn’t filled.  And as my life made vast changes in my day to day, I felt as if I didn’t have a voice in the charm world; even though I was adding charms to my collection.

I am in a transition stage in my life and while I am transitioning, I miss the joy of collecting and sharing with everyone.  I didn’t really notice it until I stopped updating my blog and you all kept emailing me, wondering how I am doing, whether or not charms are authentic… I still light up when people comment on my charms and I think as I am shopping or browsing the internet, I just love Juicy Couture.  I love the shopping experiences, I love the charms, I love the clothes, I love the feeling I get when I wear my Juicy. I’ve never lost it, just needed time to reflect on why I write this blog.

Thank you for your time and thank you for visiting the site! Anything you need from me, I am just an email away!!

Happy New Year Charmers!

2013 here we come! 2012 was fun right? But in 2013, it will be much better…that totally sounds corny but I think it’s true!

In the World of Charms, 2013 looks like it will be off to a good start.  We have 4 new charms added to the 2013 Page. All charms except the Be Mine Lollipop are updated repeat charms.  At first I didn’t like the idea of Juicy Couture releasing charms released years ago. But now, I think it’s a great way to collect charms you can now get at full retail value except at an extremely marked up value on eBay, plus it’s just another charm to add to the collection.  The Nautical/Aquarius side of me has to have the new Life Preserver. And hey, why not add along the Speed Boat?

speedboat_13 beminelollipop_13 lifepreserver_13 kissingbirds_13


New Look?! I was tired of the old site look 6 months ago, so I decided to change it up a bit.  This is temporary.

AND! It’s still coming! New videos are coming! My charm collection has vastly grew and I must show them off. Plus a video or post on restoring your charms.  Hang tight please!


Thank you everyone for the continued support, patience, comments, compliments, on the Juicy Couture Charm Collectors Page!

Merry Christmas!

Let’s celebrate yet another time of the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by wearing your favorite Juicy Couture Christmas Charms!

Most of you have noticed Juicy Couture did not release many Christmas Charms this year… sad day. Christmas Charms are festive, fun, and need to be worn everyday during December.


eggnog_12LE I received the Eggnog Charm about a week ago. Cute charm! Ingredients of the Juicy Couture Eggnog = 100% Attitude!

Christmas Holiday Charms Throughout the Year

Here are a few of my favorite holiday charms Juicy has released throughout the years.

snowboard_11LE  rootbeerfloat_11LE     xmassnowboard_07LE xmassleigh_10LE xmassnowman_08LE     xmassanta_08LE xmaspavebow_10LE xmasordament_08LE xmasbulb_07LE xmasgingerhouse_07LE  xmasbear_10LE xmascandycane_07LE xmasfireplace_10LE


Last but not least….

Stock up on charms ASAP!! now has 50% off Sale Charms!!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 6.26.16 PM

OMG! I stocked up on silk shirts, pants, jeans, hats, galore!! I absolutely love sales with additional sales off! That’s how you spend 😉


Merry Christmas Everyone!! 

Well Hello!!!!

Happy Holidays Charm Collectors!!

I have been away for a lil’ while. My life has completely been flipped upside and turned inside out. Let’s see, I am now gainfully employed by the most profitable company in the world, I still maintain my baking business, still have the love of my life, AND two exciting things I can’t wait to get into detail about soon…..

1) My Charm Collection Dramatically Grew!

Truth be told, I do not know the exact number of new charms I have purchased. It’s this state of denial where I really cannot place a number on how much I actually spent! Let’s just say, I have 20 new charms added.

I will post a video on my new charms!

2) I Moved!  

Check out my new charm display! This display does not show all of my charms. I will post an updated video of my new collection showcase. This display may be temporary, I haven’t decided yet.








Hey everyone! I wanted to post a cute lil tribute to a Girl’s Best Friend.  Little Woofs!  Now some of you all know I am not a big animal person. But since Juicy released more and more charms featuring dogs, I couldn’t resist for all the dog lovers out there.  It’s cute to see each little dog in it’s charm form.  Plus we have dog carriers and a doggie bed! My favorite would have to be the Yorkie Dog. It was one of the first charm’s I have every purchased!

What Dog would you like to see as a charm?   


Sale Alert! now has 30% off Everything online and in store for the next 3 days.  Some charms already got snatched up online! I’m headed to my favorite local Juicy Couture store and see what they have in stock!



New Charms! Again :-)

Lots of new stuff going on! Check out these new charms posted on the web. Many of you have seen some of these charms on eBay but now they are posted on ShopBellaBeach and soon Lots of “pave” going on here…we have the black and pave handbag, eggnog carton, penguin, diamond, Rabbit, green champagne bottle, and 2013 glasses for NYE.  Eggnog anyone? Very glitzy charms to sparkle up your collection for the end of the year.



Some Charmer’s really like the new cute Penguin, and the green champagne bottle is good to pick up if you missed last year’s pink bottle.